General Knowledge On Assam: 150+ Questions And Answers

General Knowledge On Assam: 150+ Questions And Answers

Last Updated: 4 June 2021

Do you know how many states does Assam share its border?

Well, the answer is seven, Assam shares its border with 7 Indian states.

It is the second state in India that is connected with several states after Uttar Pradesh that shares its border with 9 states.

Assam is a state in Northeast India popularly known for its Assam Tea and Assam Silk.

In this article, we will cover Assam’s History, Geography, Demographics, Culture, Economy, Some Politics, and many more.

Read all the General Knowledge Questions On Assam to learn about the interesting facts about this Indian State.

General Knowledge On Assam

1. Name the states that Assam shares its border?

1) Arunachal Pradesh
2) Manipur
3) Meghalaya
4) Mizoram
5) Nagaland
6) Tripura
7) West Bengal

2. What is the total Area of Assam?

Answer: 78,438 km2

3. What Rank does Assam hold by its Area comparing other states in India?

Answer: 16 (2.38 % of the National Share)

4. Which country can you compare with Assam with its land area?

Answer: Scotland

5. How many Districts does Assam have?

Answer: 33

6. How many Sub-Divisions does Assam have?

Answer: 78

7. What is the capital of Assam?

Answer: Dispur

8. Which is the Largest city of Assam?

Answer: Guwahati

9. The Largest city in Northeast India?

Answer: Guwahati (Area: 328 km²)

10. When did Assam get it Statehood?

Answer: 26 January 1950

11. Official Language of Assam?

Answer: Assamese

12. Where is Assam Legislative Assembly?

Answer: Dispur

13. How many constituencies does Assam have in its Legislative Assembly?

Answer: 126

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14. How many Assembly Seats are reserved for ST?

Answer: 16

15. How many Assembly Seats are reserved for SC?

Answer: 8

16. Which city is called the Gateway to Northeast?

Answer: Guwahati

17. Popular Singers in Assam?

Answer: Zubeen Garg, Papon, Deeplina Deka, Vreegu Kashyap, etc

18.  Which state is north to Assam?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

19. Which states are south to Assam?

Answer: Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram

20.  Which state is West to Assam?

Answer: West Bengal

21.  Which states are East to Assam?

Answer: Nagaland and Manipur 

22. Which countries does Assam share its border?

Answer: Bhutan And Bangladesh

23. The Only IIT in Northeast India?

Answer: IIT Guwahati (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)

24. What is the name of the State Song of Assam?

Answer: O Mur Apunar Desh

25. Where is Barak Valley Plain?

Answer: Southern Region of Assam

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26. Where is Kaziranga National Park Located?

Answer: Kanchanjuri (Assam)

27.  Who is the Chief Minister of Assam?

Answer: Himanta Biswa Sarma

28. When did Sarbananda Sonowal become Chief Minister?

Answer: 2016

29. Who is the Health Minister of Assam?

Answer: Keshab Mahanta

30. Which Indian state is the largest Tea producer in India?

Answer: Assam

31. What was the capital of Assam during British Raj?

Answer: Shillong

32. Which is the Oldest Oil refinery in India?

Answer: Digboi (Assam)

33. First Oil Well in Asia?

Answer: Digboi

34. What is the name of the Folk dance of Assam?

Answer: Bihu

35. Which Northeast State has the highest number of District Divisions?

Answer: Assam

36. UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Assam?

1) Kaziranga National Park: Golaghat and Nagaon districts (Assam)
2) Manas National Park: Barpeta district (Assam)

37. Most populated state in Northeast India?

Answer: Assam

38. Where is the Birthplace of Famous Tv Anchor Arnab Goswami?

Answer: Guwahati (Assam)

39. The longest bridge in India?

Answer: Dhola Sadiya Bridge (9.15 Km, Assam)

40. Oil City of Assam?

Answer: Digboi

41. Highest Dam in Assam?

Answer: Subansiri Dam (130 m)

42. Asia’s oldest Amphitheater?

Answer: Rang Ghar (Assam)

43. How many Airports are in Assam?

Answer: 6 (Six)

44. List of All Airport in Assam?

1) Dibrugarh Airport
2) Jorhat Airport
3) Lilabari Airport
4) Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport
5) Silchar Airport
6) Tezpur Airport

45. Which is the only International Airport in India?

Answer: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (Guwahati)

46. Which state in Northeast has the Maximum number of Commercial Airports?

Answer: Assam

47. Who is Gopinath Bordoloi mentioned in Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport?

Answer: Former Chief Minister of Assam (1st)

48. State Symbols Of Assam?

1) Animal: Indian rhinoceros
2) Bird: White-winged duck
3) Flower: Foxtail orchid
4) Tree: Hollong

49. List Of National Parks in Assam?

1) Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
2) Kaziranga National Park
3) Manas National Park
4) Nameri National Park
5) Orang National Park

50. The Density of Assam?

Answer: 397/km²

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List Of Districts In Assam

1Baksa12Dima Hasao23Kokrajhar
8Darrang19Kamrup Metro30Sonitpur
9Dhemaji20Karbi Anglong (East)31South Salmara
10Dhubri21Karbi Anglong (West)32Tinsukia

51. Which Religions are found in Assam?
1) Hinduism
2) Islam
3) Christianity
4) Buddhism
5) Jainism
6) Sikhism, etc

52. How many Autonomous Administrative Divisions are in Assam?
3 (Three)
Explanation: Assam has furthermore six statutory autonomous councils.

53. What are the Autonomous Administrative Divisions of Assam?
1) Bodoland Autonomous Territorial Council
2) Dima Hasao District Council
3) Karbi Anglong District Council

54. What are the 6 Statutory Autonomous Council of Assam?
1) Tiwashong Autonomous Council
2) Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council
3) Mishing Autonomous Council
4) Sonowal Kachari Autonomous Council
5) Thengal Kachari Autonomous Council
6) Titabar and Deori Autonomous Council

55. What is the name of the High Court of Assam?
Answer: Guwahati High Court

56. What are the Popular Cuisine Of Assam?
1) Assam tea
2) Khar
3) Tenga
4) Pitha
5) Pura
6) Tambul (betel nut)- paan
7) Rice beer, etc

57. Popular Dances of Assam?
1) Sattriya
2) Bagurumba
3) Bihu Dance
4) Bhaona
5) Bodo Dance, etc

58. Largest River Island in India?
Answer: Majuli (formed by Brahmaputra River)

59. Longest River Bridge in India?
Answer: Bhupen Hazarika Setu (9.15 km)

60. Which River is known as the Sorrow of Assam?
Answer: Brahmaputra River

Council Of Ministers Of Assam 2021

1Himanta Biswa Sarma
Chief Minister
1) Home
2) Personnel
3) PWD
4) Any other Department not allotted to any other Minister
2Ranjeet Kumar Dass
1) Panchayat & Rural Development
2) Public Health Engineering
3) Food & Civil Supplies
4) Consumer Affairs
3Atul Bora
1) Agriculture
2) Horticulture
3) Animal Husbandry & Veterinary
4) Border Area Development
5) Implementation of Assam Accord
6) Cooperation
4Urkhao Gwra Brahma
1) Handloom & Textile
2) Soil Conservation
3) Welfare of Plain Tribe & Backward Classes (BTC)
Parimal Suklabaidya

1) Environment & Forests
2) Fisheries
3) Excise
6Chandra Mohan Patowary
1) Transport
2) Industries & Commerce
3) Skill Development
4) Welfare of Minorities
7Keshab Mahanta
1) Health & Family Welfare
2) Science & Technology
3) Information Technology
8Ranoj Pegu
1) Education
2) Welfare of Plain Tribe & Backward Classes (non-BTC)
9Sanjoy Kishan
1) Welfare of Tea Tribes
2) Labour & Employment
10Jogen Mohan
1) Revenue & Disaster Management
2) Hills Area Development
3) Mines & Minerals
11Ajanta Neog
1) Social Welfare
2) Finance
12Ashok Singhal
1) Guwahati Development
2) Urban Development
3) Irrigation
13Pijush Hazarika
1) Water Resources
2) Information & Public Relations
3) Parliamentary Affairs
14Bimal Bora
1) Sports & Youth Welfare
2) Cultural Affairs
3) Power
4) Tourism

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61. First actress in Assamese Cinema?
Answer: Aideu Handique

62. The First Chief Minister of Assam
Answer: Gopinath Bordoloi

63. Who Received Bharat Ratna Award from Assam?
Answer: Bhupen Hazarika (Playback Singer)

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64. What is Brahmaputra River called in China?
Answer: Yarlung Tsangpo

65. Which Indian Rivers pour into Bangladesh?
Answer: Ganga, Meghna, Brahmaputra

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66. Which Indian River is known as the “Red River”?
Answer: Brahmaputra

67. What is the Brahmaputra River called in Arunachal Pradesh?
Answer: Dihang (A.K.A Siang)

68. Assam has the largest population in the world of which Animal?
Answer: Wild Water Buffalo

69. How many species of birds does Assam have?
Answer: Around 820 Species (Assam has the highest diversity of birds in India)

70. What are the languages spoken in Assam?

1) Assamese (48.38%)
2) Bengali (28.92%)
3) Hindi (6.73%)
4) Bodo (4.54%)
5) Sadri (2.29%)
6) Mishing (1.98%)
7) Nepali (1.91%)
8) Karbi (1.64%)
9) Odia (0.70%)
10) Santali (0.68%)
11) Manipuri (0.54%)
12) Garo (0.52%)
13) Others (1.17%)

71. Which is India’s first district that is a river island?
Answer: Majuli district (Assam)

72. Which two districts have 5 Sub Divisions?
Answer: Barpeta and Kamrup Metro
1) Barpeta: Barpeta, Bajali, Kalgachia, Sarukhetri, Sorbhog
2) Kamrup Metro: Guwahati, Chandrapur, Dispur, Sonapur, Azara

73. When was Assam University established?
Answer: 1994

74. When was Assam territory first separated from Bengal?
Answer: 1874

75. What is the First Day of “Rongali Bihu” called?
Answer: Goru Bihu (the Bihu of the cows)

76. What was Ancient Assam Known as?
Answer: Pragjyotisha and Kamrupa

77. In which Hilltop Kamakhya Temple is situated?
Answer: Nilachal Hill

78. In which year the capital of Assam shifted from Shillong to Dispur?
Answer: 1973

79. When was Assam Sahitya Sabha established?
Answer: December 1917

80. The First President of Assam Sahitya Sabha?
Answer: Padmanath Gohain Baruah

81. When was Assam Rifles established?
Answer: 1835

82. Where is the Headquarter of Assam Rifles?
Answer: Shillong

83. What is the Motto of Assam Rifles?
Answer: Sentinels of the North East

84. When was Assam Police established?
Answer: 1835

85. When was Gauhati University founded?
Answer: 26 January 1948

86. When was Assam Accord signed?
Answer: 15 August 1985

87. How many National Parks are in Assam?
Answer: 5 (Five)

88. Total number of Bridges over the River Brahmaputra?
Answer: 6 (Six)

89. Which city does the Naranarayan Setu at Pancharatna connect?
Answer: Jogighopa

90. When was the First Assamese film released?
Answer: 10 March 1935

91. Name of the First Assamese film?
Answer: Joymoti 

92. When was the First Tea Company in Assam established?
Answer: 1839

93. First Tea Company in India?
Answer: Assam Tea Company

94. When was Assam Public Service Commission founded?
Answer: 1 April 1937

95. Who discovered Tea in Assam?
Answer: Robert Bruce

96. Which is the First Tea Garden in Assam?
Answer: Chabua

97. What is Assam famous for?
Answer: Assam Tea and Assam Silk

98. Who is known as the “Father of Assamese people”?
Answer: Baikunthanatha Bhagavata Bhattacharya

99. How many Types of Tea are there in Assam?
Answer: Two Kinds

100. Name the First Assamese Newspaper?
Answer: Dainik Batori

101. Name of the First Assamese Grammar Book?
Answer: Arunodoi

102. Name the First Open University of Assam?
Answer: Krishna Kanta Handique Open University

103. Name the First Secondary School of Assam?
Answer: Guwahati Seminari

104. Which is the First University of Assam?
Answer: Guwahati University

105. Who translated Mahabharata into the Assamese Language first?
Answer: Rama Saraswati

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106. Name the First Assamese Novel?
Answer: Bhanumati (1890)

107. What is the First Assamese Romantic Poem?
Answer: Bon Kunwori

108. First Assamese color film?
Answer: Bhaity

109. Who was the First King of Assam?
Answer: Sukaphaa

110. What is the name of the Second Assamese movie?
Answer: Indramalati (1939)

111. Which is the Smallest District in Assam by Area?
Answer: South Salmara (568 km²)

112. Which is the Biggest District in Assam?
Answer: Karbi Anglong (10,434 km²)

113. Which is the Largest Village in Assam?
Answer: Sualkuchi

114. What is the Oldest Name of Tezpur?
Answer: Sonitpur

115. Which city is known as the City of Blood?
Answer: Tezpur

116. First Assamese to win a Gold Medal at an International Event?
Answer: Bhogeswar Baruah (1966 Asian Games)

117. Who was the last king of Ahom Kingdom?
Answer: Purandar Singha

118. Which district was given to Pakistan in 1947 that was separated from Assam?
Answer: Sylhet

119. First Capital of the Ahom Kingdom in Assam?
Answer: Charaideo

120. Where does the Highest Concentration of Forest in the State of Assam occur?
Answer: Karbi Anglong district

121. Where is One-Horned Rhino found in India?
Answer: Assam

122. Which Wildlife Sanctuary holds the highest density of the Rhino population in the world?
Answer: Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary (Assam)

123. What is the area of Kaziranga National Park?
Answer: 430 km²

124. What is the Total Number of Parliamentary Constituency in Assam?
Answer: 14 (Fourteen)

125. Which town in Assam is known as Manchester of Assam?
Answer: Sualkuchi

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126. Where is Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary located?
Answer: Jorhat

127. When was Mizoram separated from Assam?
Answer: 1972

128. When was Nagaland separated from Assam?
Answer: 1963

129. Which Indian state is the largest producer of bamboo?
Answer: Assam

130. Biosphere Reserves of Assam?
Answer: Manas and Dibru-Saikhowa

131. State Motto of Assam?
Answer: Joi Aai Ôxom (Hail mother Assam)

132. When was Kaziranga National Park declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO?
Answer: 1985

133. First Assamese to make Etymological Dictionary of the Assamese language based on Sanskrit spellings?
Answer: Hemchandra Barua

134. First Barrister of Assam?
Answer: Anundoram Borooah

135. Which Zoo is located in Guwahati City?
Answer: Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden

136. In which year was Gopinath Bordoloi arrested due to active participation in the Non-Cooperation Movement?
Answer: 1922

137. Full-Form of AASU?
Answer: All Assam Students Union

138. First Medical College in Northeastern India?
Answer: Assam Medical College & Hospital (Dibrugarh)

139. Which city is known as the Cultural Capital of Assam?
Answer: Jorhat

140. When was Assam Agriculture University established?
Answer: 1969

141. When was Assam Gas Cracker Project approved by CCEA?
Answer: April 18, 2006

142. Who was the first IAS of Assam?
Answer: Jamchonga Nampui

143. Where is Assam Women’s University located?
Answer: Jorhat

144. Where is Pani Dihing Bird sanctuary?
Answer: Sivasagar District

145. Which NIT is present in Assam?
Answer: National Institute Of Technology Silchar

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146. During whose Reign the Amphitheater Rang Ghar was constructed?
Answer: Swargadeo Rudra Singha

147. Name the First Stadium in Assam?
Answer: Jorhat stadium

148. Who is the First Lady Chief Minister of Assam?
Answer: Syeda Anwara Taimur

149. Which city of Assam has the largest dry fish market in Asia?
Answer: Jagiroad

150. When was the National Games of India held in Assam?
Answer:  2007

List of chief ministers of Assam

Premier of Assam between 1937-1950 is not included on the list
No.Chief MinisterTerm InTerm OutParty
1Gopinath Bordoloi26 Jan 19506 Aug 1950INC
2Bishnuram Medhi09 Aug 195027 Dec 1957INC
3Bimala Prasad Chaliha28 Dec 195706 Nov 1970INC
4Mahendra Mohan Choudhry11 Nov 197030 Jan 1972INC
5Sarat Chandra Singha31 Jan 197212 Mar 1978INC
6Golap Borbora12 Mar 197804 Sep 1979JP
7Jogendra Nath Hazarika09 Sep 197911 Dec 1979JP
President’s Rule12 Dec 197905 Decr 1980
8Syeda Anwara Taimur06 Dec 198030 Jun 1981INC
President’s Rule30 Jun 198113 Jan 1982INC
9Kesab Chandra Gogoi13 Jan 198219 Mar 1982INC
President’s Rule19 Mar 198227 Feb 1983
10Hiteswar Saikia27 Feb 198323 Dec 1985INC
11Prafulla Kumar Mahanta24 Dec 198528 Nov 1990AGP
President’s Rule28 Nov 199030 Jun 1991
~Hiteswar Saikia[2]30 Jun 199122 Apr 1996INC
12Bhumidhar Barman22 Apr 199614 May 1996INC
~Prafulla Kumar Mahanta[2]15 May 199617 May 2001AGP
13Tarun Gogoi18 May 200124 May 2016INC
14Sarbananda Sonowal24 May 201610 May 2021BJP
15Himanta Biswa Sarma10 May 2021IncumbentBJP

151. Where is the Birthplace of the Brahmaputra River?
Answer: Himalayas

152. Who was the First Governor of Independent Assam?
Answer: Sir Muhammad Saleh Akbar Hydari

153. Who is the First Assamese Woman Graduate?
Answer: Sudhalata Dowarah

154. What is the name of the famous festival of Assam?
Answer: Bihu Festival

155. What is the name given for the Traditional Sweet of Assam?
Answer: Pitha

156. Who has been selected for the “Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar” in the category of Art and Culture 2021 from Assam?
Answer: Tanuj Samaddar

157. Which district is Manas National Park located in?
Chirang District & Baksa District

158. Which district is Tezpur located in?
Answer: Sonitpur district

159. When was Jorhat carved out of the Sivasagar district?
Answer: 1983

160. When was IIT Guwahati established?
Answer: 1994

161. Who is the longest-serving Chief Minister of Assam?
Tarun Gogoi

162. Who is the first chief minister of Assam from the Bharatiya Janata Party?
Answer: Sarbananda Sonowal

163. When did Himanta Sarma swear in as the Chief Minister of Assam?
Answer: 10 May 2021

164. Who is the shortest-serving Chief Minister of Assam?
Answer: Bhumidhar Barman (22 Days)

165. Which political party does Akhil Gogoi belongs to?
Answer: Gana Mukti Sangram Asom

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