100 Easy GK Questions For Kids That Will Motivate Them To Study

Easy GK Questions For Kids

Last Updated: 7 March 2021

Hi there are you looking for Easy GK Questions For Your Kid?

You came to the right place!

We have 100 Easy Questions for your kid that will make him/her motivated to study and Improve their way of thinking and achieve Success in whatever they do.

Teach them these questions and test their IQ and see how much they are aware of General Knowledge.

GK Questions For Kids

1. How many days are in a Leap Year?

2. How many Colours are in a Rainbow?

3. How many Letters are in the English Alphabet?

4. How many Vowels are there?

5. What is the Capital of India?

6. Natural numbers start from?

7. How many States are in India?

8. How many zeros are there in 1 Million?

9. Which is the Largest Country in the world?

10. How many edges are in a Hexagon?

11. Which Planet is closest to the Sun?

12. Which month has the least number of days?

13. Which is the Tallest Animal on earth?

14. Which bird lays the largest Egg?

15. How many Hours are there in a week?

16. How many Months have 31 days?

17. How many bones does an Adult Human Being have?

18. Who was the First Human to step on the moon?

19. Who was the First Prime Minister of India?

20. Who was the First President of India?

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21. When is Children’s Day celebrated?

22. Which festival is known as “Festivals Of Colours”?

23. Which Animal is called as “Ship Of The Desert”?

24. Who’s Birthday is celebrated on 2nd October every year?

25. How many weeks are in a Year?

26. Which is the Longest River on Earth?

27. What is the Capital of Kerala?

28. Which is the Tallest Mountain in the world?

29. What is the Capital of Meghalaya?

30. Which planet is Known as Red Planet?

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31. Which is the Largest Organ in the human body?

32. How many years are in a Decade?

33. Who invented Computer?

34. Who invented Radio?

35. How many States comprises the Northeast India?

36. Who is the founder of Google?

37. Which country lies to the south of India?

38. How many Strings does a Guitar have?

39. Who is the founder of Microsoft?

40. What is the Official Language of India?

41. How many Olympic Gold Medals does Michael Phelps have?

42. When was the first Olympic Games held?

43. What is Baby Frog called?

44. How many sides does Triangle have?

45. Which is the Smallest Prime Number?

46. What is the Square of 10?

47. Who discovered India?

48. Who invented light bulb?

49. How many players play in the Cricket Field?

50. Which instrument is used in measuring the Speed of a Vehicle?

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51. How many Faces does a Rubiks Cube have?

52. Who won the First Miss World from India?

53. What is the another word for Lexicon?

54. How many Teeth do Adults have?

55. How many days are in February on a Leap Year?

56. Which Gas does Humans breath out?

57. What does AM in 9 AM means?

58. What is the Full Form of A.D?

59. What is the Formula of Water?

60. Which River is located in Assam?

61. Who wrote the National Anthem of India “Jana Gana Mana”?

62. What is the Nickname of Lala Lajpat Rai?

63. How many Continents are there in the world?

64. Who is the father of the nation?

65. Who is known as England’s National Poet?

66. What language is “Tsunami”?

67. What did “Lamborghini” sell before making cars?

68. What is the colour of Octopus blood?

69. Name the World’s Smallest Bird?

70. When was the first World War held?

71. What is the name of the Atomic Bomb dropped by the United States on Japan?

72. Who is Known as “Master Blaster”?

73. At what Age can you donate blood in India?

74. Which Liquid is used in Thermometer?

75. What is the Full Form of SBI?

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76. How many Legs does a Spider have?

77. What is the national sport of India?

78. Which Gas is found abundantly in our planet’s atmosphere?

79. Which city is known as Pink City of India?

80. Which is the Largest State in India?

81. Which State celebrates the famous “Bihu Festival”?

82. What is the Classical Dance of Tamil Nadu?

83. Where are Pyramids found?

84. Whose Nickname is “Chacha Nehru”?

85. Which Ocean is situated on the right side of India?

86. Who is the Composer of “Vande Mataram”?

87. Which is the longest river in India?

88. Who is the Father of the Indian Constitution?

89. What is the Yellow of the Egg called?

90. Where is Kargil situated?

91. When is Republic Day celebrated?

92. Who was the First Indian Woman to go to Space?

93. Who is known as the Nightingale of India?

94. Which is the Highest Civilian Award in India?

95. Which is the Largest Desert in India?

96. Which is the Smallest State of India?

97. In which City is the Golden Temple located?

98. Which Country is comparable with the size of Kerala?

99. Name the first Indian Supercomputer?

100. Who is the first Woman to Climb Mount Everest?

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