Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge For HPPSC 2021

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

Last Updated: 2 January 2021

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Himachal Pradesh At A Glance

1. What is the Area of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: 55,673 km2

2. Which Country is Comparable with the Size of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Croatia (56,594 km2)

3. When was Himachal Pradesh recognized as an Indian State?

Answer: 25 January 1971

4. How many districts are in Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: 12 Districts

5. Which Country do Himachal Pradesh shares its Border?

Answer: China

6. Which State is situated west of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Punjab

7. Which is the Highest Peak of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Reo Purgyil (6816 m)

8. Who was the first Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Yashwant Singh Parmar

9. Which is the Second Highest Peak of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Gya (6795 m)

10. When was the first President’s Rule imposed in Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: 30 April 1977

11. Who is the longest-serving Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Virbhadra Singh (21 Years)

12. What is the Winter Capital of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Dharamshala

13. How many divisions are in Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: 3 Divisions

14. How many Rajya Sabha seats do Himachal Pradesh have?

Answer: 3 Seats

15. How many Lok Sabha seats do Himachal Pradesh have?

Answer: 4 Seats

16. What type of Legislature can be found in Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Unicameral

17. What is the State Code of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: HP

18. What is the IATA of Kangra Airport?

Answer: DHM

19. What is the state Fruit of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Apples

20. How many Development Blocks are in Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: 78

Geography Of Himachal Pradesh

1. Which Union Territories does Himachal Pradesh shares its border?
Answer: Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh

2. Which states are located in the South of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh

3. In which year, the hilly areas of Punjab were merged into Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 1966

4. What is the Full Form of IHR?
Answer: Indian Himalayan Region

5. What is the Full Form of HPMC?
Answer: Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation Ltd.

6. Name the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Kalka-Shimla Railway and Great Himalayan National Park

7. What is the Full Form of HPRP?
Answer: Himachal Pradesh Reforestation Project

8. What is the principal cash crop of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Apple

9. Which is the highest Dam in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Bhakra Dam

10. Where is the Indian Institute of Technology of Himachal Pradesh located?
Answer: Mandi

11. Which is the largest glacier in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Bara Shigri

12. Where is the largest glacier in Himachal Pradesh situated?
Answer: Chandra Valley

13. Which pass separates Mandi from Kullu?
Answer: Dhulchi Pass

14. What is the altitude of Rohtang Pass?
Answer: 3,980 m

15. What is the altitude of Kinnaur Kailash?
Answer: 6,500 m

16. Where is Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery And Museum located in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Naggar (Kullu District)

17. Where is the Central Tibetan Administration located?
Answer: Dharamshala

18. Which valley does the Rohtang pass connects the Kullu Valley with?
Answer: Lahaul and Spiti valleys

19. When was the Great Himalayan National Park established?
Answer: 1984

20. Which pass joins Kangra and Chamba?
Answer: Waru pass

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Districts And Divisions Of Himachal Pradesh

1. Which is the largest district of Himachal Pradesh?
Lahaul and Spiti (13,833 km2)

2. Which is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Hamirpur (1,118 km2)

3. How many Sub Divisions are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 69

4. How many Tehsils are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 145

5. Which is the largest Division of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Mandi

6. Which District is Bir Billing located?
Answer: Kangra District

7. Which District is Bhuntar Airport located?
Answer: Kullu District

8. Which district of Himachal Pradesh is most populous as per the Census of India 2011?
Answer: Kangra District (21.98%)

9. Which district of Himachal Pradesh is least populous as per the Census of India 2011?
Answer: Lahaul & Spiti (0.46%)

10. Which district of Himachal Pradesh in particular stands out for high literacy rates across all metrics of measurement?
Answer: Hamirpur District

11. How many Nagar Nigams are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 2

12. How many Nagar Parishads are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 25

13. How many Nagar Panchayats are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 23

14. How many Zila Parishads are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 12

15. How many National Highways are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 8

16. Which district is the Chamunda Devi Temple located?
Answer: Kangra district

17. Where is the Administrative Headquarters of Kangra District?
Answer: Dharamshala

18. Which is the largest city of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Shimla

19. Which district is the Uhal Hydroelectric Project located?
Answer: Mandi

20. Which district is the Lama Dal Lake located?
Answer: Chamba

State Symbols & Important Facts

1. When was Himachal Pradesh declared as India’s second open-defecation free state?
Answer: 2016

2. When was Himachal Pradesh declared as a Union Territory?
Answer: 1 November 1956

3. What is the capital of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Shimla

4. What is the Official Language of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Hindi

5. What is the State Mammal of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Snow Leopard

6. What is the State Bird of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Western tragopan

7. What is the State Flower of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Pink Rhododendron

8. What is the State Fruit of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Apple

9. What is the State Tree of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Deodar cedar

10. What is the Motto of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Satyameva Jayate

11. What is the literal meaning of “Himachal”?
Answer: Snow-Laden

12. What is the Additional Official Language of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Sankrit

13. When did Himachal Pradesh host Paragliding World Cup?
Answer: 2015

14. As per the Census of India 2011, Which gender has more population in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Females (972 Females per 1,000 Males)

15. Which religion is mostly followed by the People of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Hinduism

16. Who built the new town of Mandi?
Answer: Ajbar Sen

17. Which is the largest temple of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Lakshana Devi Temple

18. When is Himachal Day celebrated?
Answer: 15th April

19. Which constituency of Himachal Pradesh became the first e-Assembly of India?
Answer: Palampur Assembly

20. Nati Dance belongs to which Indian state?
Answer: Himachal Pradesh

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Government And Politics Of Himachal Pradesh

1. How many Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 68

2. Who was the leader of the Dhami Movement in 1939?
Answer: Bhagmal Sautha

3. For how many years Himachal Pradesh did not have Chief Minister?
Answer: 8 Years (1956-1963)

4. Who is the 5th Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Prem Kumar Dhumal

5. Which Chief Minister was elected on 27 December 2017?
Answer: Jai Ram Thakura

6. When was Himachal Pradesh granted full statehood?
Answer: 1971

7. Who was the first Lieutenant Governor of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: K. S. Himmatsinhji (1 Mar 1952 – 31 Dec 1954)

8. Who was the first Governor of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: S. Chakravarti (25 Jan 1971 – 16 Feb 1977)

9. Who was the Chairman of the Mandi Conference held in 1946?
Answer: Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon

10. When was Himachal Pradesh constituted?
Answer: 15th April 1948

11. Who is popularly known as “Pahari Gandhi”?
Answer: Baba Kanshi Ram

12. What was the Rashtrapati Niwas formerly known as?
Answer: Viceregal Lodge

13. When was Shimla declared as the summer capital of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 1864

14. Who inaugurated the Kalka-Shimla Railway?
Answer: Viceroy Lord Curzon

15. Which Governor of Himachal Pradesh was elected for 1 Month 19 Days in 2019?
Answer: Kalraj Mishra

16. How many constituencies are in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 68 Constituencies

17. How many constituencies are reserved for Scheduled Caste in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 17 Constituencies

18. How many constituencies are reserved for Scheduled Tribe in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: 3 Constituencies

19. Who was the Speaker of the first Vidhan Sabha of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Jaiwant Ram

20. From which Political Party Himachal Pradesh had the most number of Chief Ministers?
Answer: Indian National Congress

Chief Ministers Of Himachal Pradesh

No.NameFromUp ToParty
1Yashwant Singh Parmar8 Mar 195231 Oct 1956INC
Yashwant Singh Parmar(2)1 Jul 196328 Jan 1977INC
2Thakur Ram Lal28 Jan 197730 Apr 1977INC
President’s Rule30 Apr 197722 Jun 1977
3Shanta Kumar22 Jun 197714 Feb 1980JP
Thakur Ram Lal(2)14 Feb 19807 Apr 1983INC
4Virbhadra Singh8 Mar 19855 Mar 1990INC
Shanta Kumar(2)5 Mar 199015 Dec 1992BJP
President’s Rule15 Dec 19923 Dec 1993
Virbhadra Singh(2)3 Dec 199323 Mar 1998INC
5Prem Kumar Dhumal24 Mar 19985 Mar 2003BJP
Virbhadra Singh(3)6 Mar 200330 Dec 2007INC
Prem Kumar Dhumal(2)30 Dec 200725 Dec 2012BJP
Virbhadra Singh(4)25 Dec 201227 Dec 2017INC
6Jai Ram Thakur27 Dec 2017IncumbentBJP
Political Party Acronyms
1INCIndian National Congress
2JPJanata Party
3BJPBharatiya Janata Party

Lakes And Rivers Of Himachal Pradesh

1. Which district is Manimahesh Lake located?
Answer: Chamba District

2. Which river in Himachal Pradesh is the Pandoh Dam located?
Answer: Beas River

3. Which place is called Mini Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Khajjiar

4. What is the Vedic name of the Ravi River?
Answer: Parushini

5. What is the Vedic name of Satluj River?
Answer: Shutudri

6. What is the Vedic name of the Beas River?
Answer: Aarijika

7. Which River is the Bhakra Dam located?
Answer: Sutlej River

8. What is the Vedic name of the Chenab River?
Answer: Asikni

9. Which river is associated with the Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Project?
Answer: Sutlej River

10. Which is the largest river of Himachal Pradesh in terms of volume of water?
Answer: Chenab River (Chandrabhaga)

11. Which is the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Renuka Lake

12. On which river is the Chamba Pattan Bridge built?
Answer: Beas River

13. Which district locates the Suraj Tal Lake?
Answer: Lahaul and Spiti

14. Which district is Ravi River located?
Answer: Kangra District

15. Which river flows through Manali?
Answer: Beas River

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History Of Himachal Pradesh

1. When did Mahmud of Ghazni loot the town of Kangra?
Answer: 1009 AD

2. When was Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports at Manali set up??
Answer: 1961

3. When was the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) Shimla established?
Answer: 1965

4. Who built the Laxmi Narayan temple at Chamba?
Answer: Raja Sahil Verman

5. Where is the Department of Ayurveda in Himachal Pradesh located?
Answer: Shimla

Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1. Where was “The Great Khali” from WWE born?
Answer: Himachal Pradesh

2. What is the Height of Reo Purgyil?
Answer: 6,816 m

3. Which is the smallest town of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Narkanda

4. What is the altitude of Cholang Peak?
Answer: 3,270 m

5. Who is the author of the “Antiquities of Chamba State”?
Answer: J. Ph. Vogel

6.Which city of Himachal Pradesh is known as “Mushroom city of India”?
Answer: Solan

7. Which is the highest Cricket pitch in the world?
Answer: Chail Cricket Ground (Solan)

8. Who is the present Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh (2020)?
Govind Singh Thakur

9. Who is the present Forest Minister of Himachal Pradesh (2020)?
Answer: Rakesh Pathania

10. Which is the Oldest Hydroelectric Project in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer: Shanan Joginder Nagar

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Council Of Ministers Of Himachal Pradesh (2017–2022)

1Jairam ThakurChief Minister1) Excise and Taxation
2) Finance
3) General Administrations
4) Home
5) Personnel
6) Planning
7) Public Works
8) Tourism
9) All other Departments not alloted to any other Minister
2Mahender Singh ThakurJal Shakti Minister1) Horticulture
2) Jal Shakti
3) Revenue
4) Sainik Welfare
3Govind Singh ThakurEducation Minister1) Elementary Education
2) Higher Education
3) Language Art and Culture
4Suresh BhardwajUrban Development Minister1) Cooperation
2) Housing
3) Law and Legal Remembrancer
4) Parliamentary Affairs
5) Town & Country Planning
6) Urban Development
5Bikram SinghIndustries Minister1) Industries
2) Labour & Employment
3) Transport
6Sarveen ChaudharySocial Justice & Empowerment MinisterSocial Justice & Empowerment
7Sukh Ram ChaudharyMPP and Power Minister1) MPP and Power
2) Non-Conventional Energy Sources
8Virender KanwarRural Development & Panchayati Raj Minister1) Agriculture
2) Animal Husbandry
3) Fisheries
4) Panchayati Raj
5) Rural Development
9Ram Lal MarkandaTechnical Education Minister1) Information Technology
2) Redressal of Public Grievance
3) Technical Education
4) Tribal Development
5) Vocational & Industrial Training
10Rajinder GargFood, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affair Minister1) Civil Supplies & Consumer Affair
2) Food
3) Printing and Stationery
11Rajiv SaizalHealth and Family Welfare Minister1) Ayurveda
2) Health and Family Welfare
12Rakesh PathaniaForest Minister1) Forest
2) Youth Services and Sports

Gazetted Holidays Of Himachal Pradesh 2020

125th JanStatehood Day
226th JanRepublic Day
309th FebGuru Ravidas’s Birthday
421st FebMaha Shivratri
510th MarHoli
602nd AprRam Navami
710th AprGood Friday
814th AprDr. B.R. Ambedkar Birthday
915th AprHimachal Day
1025th AprParshu Ram Jayanti
1107th MayBudha Purnima
1225th MayId-ul-Fitr/ Maharana Pratap Jayanti
1305th JunSant Guru Kabir Jayanti (Prakat Diwas)
1401st AugIdul Zuha (Bakrid)
1512th AugJanmashtami
1615th AugIndependence Day
1730th AugMuharram
1802nd OctMahatma Gandhi Birthday
1925th OctDussehra
2031st OctMaharishi Valmiki’s Birthday
2230th NovGuru Nanak’s Birthday
2325th DecChristmas Day

Mountain Peaks Of Himachal Pradesh

No.PeakAltitude (Meters)
1Winch Camp2,700
3Nag Tikkar2,780
4Shali Tibba2,870
6Derthu Top3,020
7Billing Top3,050
9Kamlodi Top3,100
11Kuppar Peak3,300
12Shikari Devi3,359
13Hatu Peak3,400
14Shacha Kullu3,540
16Narshing Tibba3,730
19Gauri Devi Ka Tibba4,030
21Chanshal Peak4,520
23Pin Bahba4,890
24Inder Kila4,940
29Srikhand Mahadev5,182
31Pin Parbati5,319
34Saltu Da Par5,650
35Manimahesh Kailash5,660
37Hanuman Tibba5,860
38Bara Kanda5,860
39Maiwa Kandinu5,944
40Pir Panjal5,972
41Deo Tibba6,001
42Sanakdeik Jot6,045
43Gepang Goh6,050
44Kinnaur Kailash6,050
46Mukar Beh6,070
47Koa Rang VII6,096
50Koa Rang III6,154
51Koa Rang I6,157
52Koa Rang II6,187
53Koa Rang VI6,187
54Shikar Beh6,200
57Koa Rang V6258
59Baihali Jot6,295
60Chau Chau Kang Nilda6,303
61Kangla Tarbo 16315
62Koa Rang IV6340
66Dibibokri Pyramid6408
72Rangrik Rang6553
73Kullu Pumori6553
74Granite Peak6585
76Parvati Parvat6633
77Undung Kangri6642
79Leo Pargial II North Peak6791
81Reo Purgyil6816
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