List Of Important World International Days (2022 November)

Important World International Days

Last Updated: 11 November 2022

The list of World International Days is designated specific dates by various organizations like the United Nations, that are celebrated every year as an occasion to mark a particular event or topic.

This is done in order to promote or make people aware of a certain event and promote topics that are not discussed publicly.

The International Days and Special Occasions are declared by specialized agencies of the United Nations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, FAO, etc.

The list includes:

  • Special Days
  • Indian Important Days
  • Important International Days
  • World International Days
  • International days observed by the United Nations, etc.

World International Days


DateMonthInternational Day
1JanuaryNew Year’s Day
1JanuaryGlobal Family Day
1JanuaryNational Bloody Mary Day
1JanuaryNational Hangover Day
1JanuaryPolar Bear Swim Day
1JanuaryCommitment Day
1JanuaryCopyright Law Day
2JanuaryNational Buffet Day
2JanuaryNational Cream Puff Day
2JanuaryNational Personal Trainer Awareness Day
2JanuaryNational Science Fiction Day
2JanuaryNational Motivation and Inspiration Day
3JanuaryNational Fruitcake Toss Day
3JanuaryNational Drinking Straw Day
4JanuaryWeigh-In Day
4JanuaryNational Trivia Day
4JanuaryWorld Hypnotism Day
4JanuaryWorld Braille Day
4JanuaryPop Music Chart Day
4JanuaryNational Spaghetti Day
4JanuaryNational Missouri Day
5JanuaryNational Keto Day
5JanuaryNational Screenwriters Day
5JanuaryNational Whipped Cream Day
6JanuaryWorld Day of War Orphans
6JanuaryNational Bean Day
6JanuaryNational Shortbread Day
6JanuaryNational Cuddle Up Day
6JanuaryApple Tree Day
7JanuaryOrthodox Christmas Day
7JanuaryNational Tempura Day
7JanuaryOld Rock Day
7JanuaryHarlem Globetrotters Day
8JanuaryAfrican National Congress Foundation Day
8JanuaryNational Argyle Day
8JanuaryNational English Toffee Day
8JanuaryEarth’s Rotation Day
9JanuaryPravasi Bharatiya Diwas/NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Day
9JanuaryNational Apricot Day
9JanuaryNational Balloon Ascension Day
9JanuaryNational Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
9JanuaryNational Static Electricity Day
9JanuaryWord Nerd Day
10JanuaryWorld Hindi Day
10JanuaryNational Save The Eagles Day
10JanuaryHouseplant Appreciation Day
10JanuaryPeculiar People Day
11JanuaryNational Human Trafficking Awareness Day
11JanuaryNational Milk Day
11JanuaryLal Bahadur Shastri’s Death Anniversary
11JanuaryInternational Thank-You Day
11JanuaryLearn Your Name In Morse Code Day
11JanuaryPoetry At Work Day
12JanuaryNational Youth Day
12JanuaryNational Marzipan Day
13JanuaryLohri Day
13JanuaryKorean American Day
13JanuaryNational Rubber Ducky Day
13JanuaryStephen Foster Memorial Day
13JanuaryNational Sticker Day
13JanuaryPublic Radio Broadcasting Day
13JanuaryMake Your Dreams Come True Day
14JanuaryWorld Logic Day
14JanuaryNational Dress Up Your Pet Day
14JanuaryRatification Day
14JanuaryInternational Kite Day
15JanuaryIndian Army Day
15JanuaryNational Bagel Day
15JanuaryNational Hat Day
15JanuaryNational Strawberry Ice Cream Day
16JanuaryWorld Religion Day
16JanuaryNational Fig Newton Day
16JanuaryNational Nothing Day
16JanuaryNational Religious Freedom Day
17JanuaryDitch New Year’s Resolutions Day
17JanuaryBenjamin Franklin Day
17JanuaryKid Inventors Day
17JanuaryCable Car Day
18JanuaryNational Michigan Day
18JanuaryNational Peking Duck Day  
18JanuaryNational Thesaurus Day
18JanuaryNational Winnie The Pooh Day
19JanuaryWorld Quark Day
19JanuaryNational Popcorn Day
19JanuaryTin Can Day
20JanuaryGuru Govind Singh Jayanti
20JanuaryNational Buttercrunch Day
20JanuaryNational Cheese Lover’s Day
20JanuaryNational Disc Jockey Day
20JanuaryPenguin Awareness Day
20JanuaryCamcorder Day
20JanuaryInternational Day of Acceptance
21JanuaryTripura Statehood Day
21JanuaryMeghalaya Statehood Day
21JanuaryManipur Statehood Day
21JanuaryNational Hugging Day
21JanuaryNational Granola Bar Day
21JanuaryNational Squirrel Appreciation Day
22JanuaryNational Blonde Brownie Day
22JanuaryNational Sanctity of Life Day
22JanuaryNational Hot Sauce Day
23JanuaryNetaji Subhas Chandra Bose Jayanti
23JanuaryHandwriting Day
23JanuaryMeasure Your Feet Day
24JanuaryInternational Day of Education
24JanuaryWorld Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture
24JanuaryNational Girl Child Day
24JanuaryBeer Can Appreciation Day
24JanuaryNational Compliment Day
24JanuaryNational Peanut Butter Day
24JanuaryBelly Laugh Day
24JanuaryUttar Pradesh Foundation Day
25JanuaryNational Voters Day
25JanuaryNational Tourism Day
25JanuaryHimachal Pradesh Statehood Day
25JanuaryNational Florida Day
25JanuaryNational Irish Coffee Day
25JanuaryNational Opposite Day
25JanuaryBurns Night
26JanuaryIndian Republic Day
26JanuaryInternational Customs Day
26JanuaryAssam Statehood Day
26JanuaryNational Green Juice Day
26JanuaryNational Spouses Day
26JanuaryAustralia Day
27JanuaryInternational Holocaust Day
27JanuaryNational Chocolate Cake Day
27JanuaryNational Geographic Day
28JanuaryLala Lajpat Rai Birth Anniversary
28JanuaryData Privacy Day
28JanuaryNational Blueberry Pancake Day
28JanuaryNational Have Fun At Work Day
28JanuaryNational Kazoo Day
29JanuaryNational Corn Chip Day
29JanuaryNational Puzzle Day
29JanuaryFreethinkers Day
29JanuaryCurmudgeons Day
30JanuaryNational Cleanliness Day
30JanuaryNational Croissant Day
30JanuaryWorld Leprosy Day
30JanuaryNational Inane Answering Message Day
30JanuaryMahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom Day
30JanuaryWorld Leprosy Eradication Day
30JanuaryWorld Neglected Tropical Diseases Day
31JanuaryNational Backward Day
31JanuaryNational Hot Chocolate Day
31JanuaryNational Inspire Your Heart With Art Day
31JanuaryNational Gorilla Suit Day
31JanuaryBubble Wrap Appreciation Day


DateMonthInternational Day
1FebruaryWorld Interfaith Harmony Week
1FebruaryIndian Coast Guard Day
1FebruaryChinese New Year
1FebruaryNational Freedom Day
1FebruaryNational Texas Day
1FebruaryNational Serpent Day
2FebruaryWorld Wetlands Day
2FebruaryNational Heavenly Hash Day
3FebruaryQuebec Winter Carnival (ends 13/2)
3FebruaryNational Women Physicians Day
3FebruaryOptimist Day
4FebruaryWorld Cancer Day
4FebruaryInternational Day of Human Fraternity
4FebruaryIndependence Day of Sri Lanka
4FebruaryWinterlude (ends 21/2)
5FebruaryKashmir Solidarity Day
5FebruaryBasant Panchami
5FebruaryNational Weatherperson’s Day
5FebruaryWorld Nutella Day
6FebruaryInternational Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation
6FebruaryNational Lame Duck Day
6FebruaryNational Chopsticks Day
7FebruaryNational Periodic Table Day
7FebruaryNational Fettuccine Alfredo Day
8FebruarySafer Internet Day 
8FebruaryNational Kite Flying Day
8FebruaryNational Iowa Day
9FebruaryNational Cut the Cord Day
9FebruaryNational Bagel and Lox Day
9FebruaryNational Pizza Day
9FebruaryNational Toothache Day
10FebruaryWorld Pulses Day
10FebruaryNational Deworming Day
10FebruaryNational Umbrella Day
11FebruaryInternational Day of Women and Girls in Science
11FebruaryNational Inventors’ Day
11FebruaryNational Peppermint Patty Day
11FebruaryNational White Shirt Day
11FebruaryWorld Day of the Sick
11FebruaryWorld Unani Day
12FebruaryDarwin Day
12FebruaryNational Plum Pudding Day
12FebruaryAbraham Lincoln’s Birth Anniversary
12FebruaryNational Productivity Day
13FebruarySarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary
13FebruaryWorld Radio Day
13FebruaryGalentine’s Day
13FebruaryNational Cheddar Day
13FebruaryWorld Marriage Day
14FebruaryValentine’s Day
14FebruaryNational Ferris Wheel Day
15FebruaryNational Gumdrop Day
15FebruaryNational Wisconsin Day
16FebruaryNational Almond Day
17FebruaryNational Random Acts of Kindness Day
17FebruaryNational Cabbage Day
18FebruaryNational Battery Day
18FebruaryNational Drink Wine Day
19FebruaryNational Arabian Horse Day
19FebruaryNational Chocolate Mint Day
19FebruaryNational Lash Day
19FebruaryNational Vet Girls RISE Day
20FebruaryWorld Day of Social Justice
20FebruaryNational Comfy Day
20FebruaryArunachal Pradesh Statehood Day
20FebruaryNational Cherry Pie Day
20FebruaryNational Muffin Day
21FebruaryMizoram Statehood Day
21FebruaryNational Grain-Free Day
21FebruaryNational Sticky Bun Day
21FebruaryPresidents Day
21FebruaryInternational Mother Language Day
22FebruaryWorld Thinking Day
22FebruaryNational Supermarket Employee Day
22FebruaryNational California Day
22FebruaryNational Margarita Day
23FebruaryWorld Peace and Understanding Day
23FebruaryNational Banana Bread Day
23FebruaryNational Tile Day
23FebruaryWorld Rotary Day
24FebruaryCentral Excise Day
24FebruaryNational Tortilla Chip Day
25FebruaryNational Chocolate Covered Nut Day
25FebruaryNational Clam Chowder Day
26FebruaryNational Pistachio Day
27FebruaryWorld NGO Day
27FebruaryProtein Day
27FebruaryAnosmia Awareness Day
27FebruaryNational Kahlua Day
27FebruaryNational Retro Day
27FebruaryNational Strawberry Day
27FebruaryNational Polar Bear Day
28FebruaryNational Science Day (India)
28FebruaryRare Disease Day
28FebruaryNational Floral Design Day
28FebruaryNational Public Sleeping Day
29FebruaryNational Time Refund Day

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DateMonthInternational Day
1MarchZero Discrimination Day
1MarchWorld Compliment Day
1MarchWorld Civil Defence Day
1MarchSelf-Injury Awareness Day
1MarchMaha Shivratri
1MarchSt. David’s Day
1MarchNational Pig Day
1MarchNational Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
1MarchBosnian Independence Day
1MarchPeace Corps Day
2MarchAsh Wednesday
2MarchPeasants’ Day
2MarchTexas Independence Day
2MarchNational Read Across America Day
3MarchWorld Wildlife Day
3MarchWorld Hearing Day
3MarchBulgaria Liberation Day
3MarchNational Canadian Bacon Day
4MarchWorld Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation
4MarchWorld Engineering Day for Sustainable Development
4MarchNational Safety Day
4MarchEmployee Appreciation Day
4MarchRamakrishna Jayanti
4MarchNational Grammar Day
5MarchCustom Chief’s Day
5MarchNational Cheese Doodle Day
5MarchNational Absinthe Day
6MarchGhana Independence Day
6MarchEuropean Day of the Righteous 
7MarchNational Crown Roast of Pork Day
8MarchInternational Women’s Day
8MarchInternational Women’s Collaboration Brew Day
9MarchNational Meatball Day
10MarchInternational Day of Women Judges
10MarchCISF Raising Day
10MarchTibetan Uprising Day
10MarchMario Day
11MarchMoshoeshoe Day
12MarchMauritius Day
12MarchAztec New Year
13MarchNational Coconut Torte Day
14MarchInternational Day of Action for Rivers
14MarchInternational Day of Mathematics
14MarchPi Day
15MarchWorld Consumer Rights Day
16MarchNational Vaccination Day
17MarchSt. Patrick’s Day
18MarchOrdnance Factories’ Day
18MarchWorld Sleep Day
19MarchInternational Client’s Day
19MarchKashubian Unity Day
20MarchInternational Day of Happiness
20MarchInternational Francophonie Day
20MarchUN French Language Day
20MarchWorld Sparrow Day
20MarchWorld Oral Health Day
20MarchTunisha Independence Day
20MarchNational Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
21MarchInternational Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
21MarchWorld Poetry Day
21MarchInternational Day of Nowruz
21MarchWorld Down Syndrome Day
21MarchInternational Day of Forests
22MarchWorld Water Day
23MarchWorld Meteorological Day
23MarchMartyrs Day
23MarchPakistan Day
24MarchWorld Tuberculosis Day
24MarchInternational Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims
25MarchInternational Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
25MarchInternational Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members
25MarchInternational Day of the Unborn Child
26MarchIndependence Day of Bangladesh
26MarchPurple Day
26MarchPrince Kūhiō Day
27MarchWorld Theatre Day
27MarchArmed Forces Day (Myanmar)
28MarchSerfs Emancipation Day
29MarchTaiwan Youth Day
30MarchWorld Idli Day
31MarchMemorial Day of Phra Nangklao Chaoyuhua
31MarchCesar Chavez Day
31MarchTransfer Day
31MarchWorld Backup Day
31MarchThomas Mundy Peterson Day


DateMonthInternational Day
1AprilOdisha Foundation Day
1AprilApril Fool’s Day
2AprilWorld Autism Awareness Day
2AprilInternational Children’s Book Day
2AprilNational Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
2AprilPascua Florida
2AprilNational Ferret Day
3AprilArmy Medical Corps Establishment Day
3AprilGeologists Day
4AprilInternational Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
4AprilInternational Pillow Fight Day
4AprilWorld Rat Day
5AprilInternational Day of Conscience
5AprilNational Maritime Day
6AprilInternational Day of Sport for Development and Peace
6AprilBohring-Opitz Syndrome Awareness Day
6AprilNational Carbonara Day
7AprilInternational Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda
7AprilWorld Health Day
7AprilEqual Pay Day
7AprilInternational Beaver Day
8AprilInternational Romani Day
8AprilWorld Pageant Day
9AprilMartyrs’ Day in Tunisia
9AprilDay of Valor
9AprilInternational ASMR Day
10AprilWorld Homeopathy Day
10AprilSiblings Day
10AprilPalm Sunday
10AprilInternational Safety Pin Day
11AprilNational Safe Motherhood Day
11AprilNational Pet Day
11AprilWorld Parkinson’s Day
11AprilInternational Louie Louie Day
12AprilNational Redemption Day Liberia
12AprilInternational Day of Human Space Flight
12AprilInternational Day of Street Children
12AprilCosmonautics Day
13AprilJallianwala Bagh Massacre Day
13April37th Siachen Day
13AprilInternational Turban Day 
13AprilInternational FND Awareness Day
14AprilWorld Chagas Disease Day
14AprilB.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day
14AprilMahavir Janma Kalyanak
14AprilBlack Day (South Korea)
14AprilInternational Moment of Laughter Day
15AprilWorld Art Day
15AprilGood Friday
15AprilBengali New Year (Pôhela Boishakh)
15AprilFather Damien Day 
15 AprilTax Day
16AprilFoursquare Day
16AprilEmancipation Day
16AprilWorld Voice Day
17AprilWorld Hemophilia Day
17AprilEaster Sunday
17AprilInternational Bat Appreciation Day
18AprilWorld Heritage Day
18AprilInternational Day For Monuments and Sites
18AprilInternational Amateur Radio Day
19AprilTax Day
19AprilDutch-American Friendship Day
20AprilChinese Language Day
20AprilVolunteer Recognition Day 
21AprilWorld Creativity and Innovation Day
21AprilNational Civil Service Day
21AprilAdministrative Professionals’ Day
21AprilSan Jacinto Day
21AprilNational Tea Day
22AprilInternational Mother Earth Day
23AprilWorld Book and Copyright Day
23AprilEnglish Language Day
23AprilSpanish Language Day
23AprilInternational Girls in ICT Day
23AprilWorld Scout Day
24AprilNational Panchayati Raj Day
24AprilFashion Revolution Day
24AprilInternational Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace
24AprilWorldwide Pinhole Photography Day
24AprilWorld Day for Laboratory Animals
24AprilFashion Revolution Day
24AprilNational Panchayatiraj Day
25AprilInternational Delegate’s Day
25AprilWorld Malaria Day
25AprilWorld Penguin Day
25AprilLiberation Day (Italy)
26AprilInternational Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day
26AprilNational Pretzel Day
26AprilWorld Intellectual Property Day
27AprilFreedom Day South Africa
27AprilKing’s Day (The Netherlands)
28AprilWorld Day for Safety and Health at Work
28AprilGlobal Pay It Forward Day
28AprilInternational Girls In ICT Day
29AprilShōwa Day
29AprilInternational Dance Day
30AprilInternational Jazz Day
30AprilWorld Veterinary Day
30AprilAyushman Bharat Diwas
30AprilWorld Sarcoidosis Awareness Day

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DateMonthInternational Day
1MayMay Day
1MayLabour Day
1MayGujarat Day
1MayMaharashtra Day
1MayLaw Day
1MayWorld Laughter Day
1MayInternational Workers’ Day Celebration
1MaySilver Star Service Banner Day
1MayNational Loyalty Day
2MayWorld Tuna Day
2MayRamadan Ends
2MayNational Truffle Day
3MayWorld Press Freedom Day
3MayWorld Asthma Day
3MayConstitution Memorial Day
4MayInternational Firefighters’ Day
4MayBird Day
5MayWorld Asthma Day
5May Cinco de Mayo
5MayAfrican World Heritage Day
5MayWorld Portuguese Language Day
5MayWorld Hand Hygiene Day
6MayInternational No Diet Day
7MayNational Cosmopolitan Day
7May“Vesak”, the Day of the Full Moon
7MayWorld Athletics Day
7MayInternational Spring Astronomy Day
8MayWorld Red Cross Day and Red Crescent Day
8MayWorld Migratory Bird Day
8MayWorld Thalassaemia Day
8MayIris Day
8MayTime of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During the Second World War
9MayRabindra Jayanti
9MayMother’s Day
9MayVictory Day
10MayInternational Day of Argania
10MayGolden Spike Day
11MayNational Technology Day
11MayNational Eat What You Want Day
12MayInternational Nurses Day
12MayNational Limerick Day
13MayHummus Day
13MayAbbotsbury Garland Day
14MayWorld Migratory Day
14MayNational Buttermilk Biscuit Day
15MayInternational Day of Families
15MayInternational Astronomy Day
15MayChocolate Chip Day
16MayInternational Day of Living Together in Peace
16MayInternational Day of Light
16MayBuddha’s Birthday
16MayNational Dengue Day
16MayLove a Tree Day
17MayWorld Telecommunication and Information Society Day
17MayWorld Hypertension Day
17MayNational Walnut Day
18MayInternational Museum Day
18MayWorld AIDS Vaccine Day
18MayNational No Dirty Dishes Day
19MayNational Devil’s Food Cake Day
19MayHepatitis Testing Day
20MayWorld Bee Day
20MayNational Quiche Lorraine Day
20MayWorld Metrology Day
20MayNational Endangered Species Day
21MayInternational Tea Day
21MayNational Memo Day
21MayWorld Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
21MayNational Anti-Terrorism Day
22MayInternational Day for Biological Diversity
22MayNational Vanilla Pudding Day
23MayInternational Day to End Obstetric Fistula
23MayWorld Turtle Day
24MayCommonwealth Day
24MayAsparagus Day
25MayInternational Missing Children’s Day
25MayWorld Thyroid Day
25MayNational Wine Day
26MayNational Blueberry Cheesecake Day
26MayNational Paper Airplane Day
27MayNational Grape Popsicle Day
28MayInternational Hamburger Day
28MayInternational Day of Action for Women’s Health
28MayAmnesty International Day
29MayInternational Day of UN Peacekeepers
29MayInternational Mount Everest Day
29MayWorld Digestive Health Day
29May Learn About Composting Day
30MayNational Memorial Day
30MayWater a Flower Day
31MayWorld No-Tobacco Day
31MayNational Macaroon Day
31MayAutonomous Vehicle Day
31MayNational Utah Day


DateMonthInternational Day
1JuneGlobal Day of Parents
1JuneWorld Milk Day
2JuneTelangana Formation Day
2JuneInternational Whores’ Day
2JuneGlobal Running Day
3JuneWorld Bicycle Day
3JuneUganda Martyr’s Day
4JuneInternational Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
4JuneNational Cognac Day
5JuneWorld Environment Day
5JuneInternational Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing
5JuneNational Cancer Survivors Day
6JuneRussian Language Day
6JuneWorld Pest Day
7JuneWorld Food Safety Day
7JuneNational Chocolate Ice Cream Day
8JuneWorld Oceans Day
8JuneWorld Brain Tumor Day
9JuneWorld Accreditation Day
9JuneCoral Triangle Day
10JuneNavy Day (Italy)
10JuneReconciliation Day (Congo)
11JuneStudent Day (Honduras)
11JuneAmerican Evacuation Day (Libya)
12JuneWorld Day Against Child Labour
12JuneRussia Day
13JuneInternational Albinism Awareness Day
14JuneWorld Blood Donor Day
14JuneFlag Day
14JuneMourning And Hope Day (Lithuania)
15JuneWorld Elder Abuse Awareness Day
15JuneGlobal Wind Day
15JuneASEAN Dengue Day
16JuneEngineer’s Day (Argentina)
16JuneInternational Day of Family Remittances
16JuneGuru Arjan Dev Martyrdom Day
17JuneWorld Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
17JuneIcelandic National Day
18JuneSustainable Gastronomy Day
18JuneAutistic Pride Day
18JuneInternational Panic Day
19JuneInternational Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict
19JuneFather’s Day
19JuneWorld Sickle Cell Day
20JuneWorld Refugee Day
20JuneWest Virginia Day
21JuneInternational Day of Yoga
21JuneInternational Day of the Celebration of the Solstice
21JuneWorld Music Day
21JuneWorld Hydrography Day
22JuneTeachers’ Day (El Salvador)
23JuneUnited Nations Public Service Day
23JuneInternational Widows’ Day
23JuneInternational Olympic Day
24JuneDay of the Caboclo
25JuneWorld Vitiligo Day
25JuneDay of the Seafarer
25JuneNational Catfish Day
26JuneWorld Refrigeration Day
26JuneInternational Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
26JuneUnited Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
26JuneMadagascar Independence Day
27JuneMicro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day
27JuneNational Unity Day (Tajikistan)
28JuneNational Ceviche Day
28JuneConstitution Day (Ukraine)
29JuneInternational Day of the Tropics
29JuneNational Statistics Day
30JunePhilippine-Spanish Friendship Day
30JuneInternational Asteroid Day
30JuneInternational Day of Parliamentarism

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DateMonthInternational Day
1JulyNational Doctors’ Day
1JulyNational Chartered Accountants Day
1JulyCanada Day
1JulyGST Day
1JulyNational Gingersnap Day
1JulyNational Postal Worker Day
1JulyNational U.S. Postage Stamp Day
1JulyInternational Joke Day
1JulySBI Foundation Day
1JulyInternational Chicken Wing Day
2JulyWorld UFO Day
2JulyWorld Sports Journalists Day
2JulyNational Anisette Day
2JulyInternational Co-operative Day
3JulyInternational Plastic Bag Free Day
3JulyInternational Co-operative Day
3JulySt. Thomas Day
4JulyIndependence Day of the United States
5JulyBikini Day
6JulyWorld Zoonoses Day
6JulyInternational Kissing Day
6JulyNational Fried Chicken Day
7JulyGlobal Forgiveness Day
7JulyWorld Chocolate Day
7JulyTell the Truth Day
8JulyMath 2.0 Day
9JulyNational Sugar Cookie Day
10JulyNational Fish Farmers’ Day
10JulyNational Kitten Day
11JulyWorld Population Day
11JulyNational 7-Eleven Day
11JulyCheer Up the Lonely Day
12JulyNational Simplicity Day
12JulyPaper Bag Day
12JulyNABARD Foundation Day
12JulyMalala Day
13JulyEmbrace Your Geekness Day
13JulyGuru Purnima
14JulyBastille Day
15JulyWorld Youth Skills Day
15JulyEducation Development Day
16JulyWorld Snake Day
17JulyWorld Day for International Justice
17JulyWorld Emoji Day
17JulyNational Ice Cream Day
18JulyNelson Mandela International Day
18JulyNational Ice Cream Day
19JulyBurmese Martyrs’ Day
21JulyNational Junk Food Day
20JulyWorld Chess Day
20JulyScience Exploration Day
22JulyPi Approximation Day
22JulySpoonerism Day
22JulyWorld Fragile X Awareness Day
22JulyWorld Brain Day
22JulyNational Hammock Day
23JulyGorgeous Grandma Day
23JulyNational Broadcasting Day
24JulyNational Thermal Engineers Day
24JulyParents’ Day
24JulyIncome Tax Day
24JulyCousin’s Day 
24JulyNational Tequila Day
25JulyWorld Drowning Prevention Day
25JulyNational Parents Day
26JulyInternational Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem
26JulyNational All Or Nothing Day
26JulyKargil Vijay Diwas
27JulyIglesia ni Cristo Day
28JulyNational Milk Chocolate Day
28JulyWorld Hepatitis Day
28JulyNational Refreshment Day
28JulyWorld Nature Conservation Day
29JulyInternational Tiger Day
29JulySystem Administrator Appreciation Day
30JulyInternational Friendship Day
30JulyWorld Day against Trafficking in Persons
30JulyNational Support Public Education Day
30JulyNational Father-in-Law Day
31JulyHarry Potter’s Birthday Day
31JulyWorld Ranger Day
31JulyNational Mutt Day


DateMonthInternational Day
1AugustNational Mountain Climbing Day
1AugustYorkshire Day
1AugustInternational Mahjong Day
1AugustWorld Wide Web Day
1AugustRespect For Parents Day
1AugustWorld Lung Cancer Day
1AugustNational Minority Donor Awareness Day
1-7AugustWorld Breastfeeding Week
2AugustNational Coloring Book Day
2AugustDay of Airborne Forces
3AugustNiger Independence Day
3AugustNational Watermelon Day
3AugustEsther Day
4AugustCoast Guard Day
4AugustNational White Wine Day
5AugustNational Oyster Day
5AugustInternational Beer Day
5AugustNational Underwear Day
6AugustHiroshima Day
6August International Beer Day
7AugustNational Handloom Day
7AugustProfessional Speakers Day
8AugustQuit India Movement Day
8AugustInternational Infinity Day
8AugustInternational Cat Day
9AugustNagasaki Day
9AugustInternational Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
9AugustInternational Coworking Day
10AugustWorld Lion Day
10AugustWorld Biofuel Day
10AugustVlogging Day
11AugustNational Son and Daughter Day
11AugustNational Ingersoll Day
11AugustRaksha Bandhan
12AugustInternational Youth Day
12AugustWorld Elephant Day
12AugustCoconut Day
13AugustInternational Lefthanders Day
13AugustWorld Organ Donation Day
14AugustPakistan Independence Day
14AugustWorld Lizard Day
14AugustNational Creamsicle Day
15AugustIndian Independence Day
15AugustAssumption of Mary
15AugustNational Liberation Day of Korea
15AugustVictory Over Japan Day
16AugustBennington Battle Day
16AugustNational Airborne Day
16AugustBennington Battle Day
16AugustNational Rum Day
17AugustIndonesian Independence Day
18AugustNever Give Up Day
18AugustKrishna Janmashtami
19AugustWorld Humanitarian Day
19AugustWorld Photography Day
19AugustInternational Orangutan Day
19AugustInternational Bow Day
19AugustNational Aviation Day
20AugustWorld Mosquito Day
20AugustIndian Akshay Urja Diwas
20AugustSadbhavna Diwas
21August World Entrepreneurs’ Day
21AugustInternational Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism
21AugustWorld Senior Citizen Day
22AugustMadras Day
22AugustNational Pecan Torte Day
22AugustInternational Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief
23AugustInternational Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition
23AugustBlack Ribbon Day
24AugustInternational Strange Music Day
25AugustNational Whiskey Sour Day
26AugustWomen’s Equality Day
26AugustInternational Dog Day
27AugustNational Pots du Creme Day
28AugustNational Bow Tie Day
28AugustCoal Miner’s Day
28AugustNational Cherry Turnover Day
29AugustInternational Day against Nuclear Tests
29AugustNational Sports Day (India)
29AugustTelugu Language Day
29AugustNational Lemon Juice Day
30AugustSmall Industry Day
30AugustInternational Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
30AugustInternational Whale Shark Day
31AugustMalaysia National Day
31AugustInternational Day for People of African Descent
31AugustInternational Overdose Awareness Day
31AugustNational Trail Mix Day
31AugustGanesh Chaturthi

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DateMonthInternational Day
1SeptemberRishi Panchami
1SeptemberDisaster Prevention Day
1SeptemberIndependence Day of Uzbekistan
1SeptemberNational Cherry Popover Day
1-7SeptemberNational Nutrition Week
2SeptemberWorld Coconut Day
2SeptemberVictory over Japan Day
2SeptemberNational Blueberry Popsicle Day
3SeptemberDurva Ashtami
3SeptemberNational Skyscraper Day
3SeptemberWorld Beard Day
3SeptemberNational Welsh Rarebit Day
4SeptemberNational Macadamia Nut
5SeptemberInternational Day of Charity
5SeptemberTeachers’ Day (India)
5SeptemberNational Cheese Pizza Day
7SeptemberBrazilian Independence Day
7SeptemberInternational Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies
7SeptemberNational Acorn Squash Day
7SeptemberNational Beer Lovers Day
8SeptemberInternational Literacy Day
8SeptemberWorld Physical Therapy Day
9SeptemberInternational Day to Protect Education from Attack
9SeptemberAnant Chaturdashi 
9SeptemberWienerschnitzel Day
9SeptemberCalifornia Admission Day
10SeptemberWorld Suicide Prevention Day
10SeptemberWorld First Aid Day
10SeptemberNational TV Dinner Day
11SeptemberNational Forest Martyrs Day
11SeptemberPatriot Day
11SeptemberGrandparents’ Day
11SeptemberEmergency Number Day
11SeptemberPatriot Day
12SeptemberUnited Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
12SeptemberNational Day of Encouragement
12SeptemberDefenders Day
13SeptemberProgrammers’ Day
14SeptemberHindi Day
14SeptemberNational Peanut Day
15SeptemberInternational Day of Democracy
15SeptemberEngineer’s Day
15SeptemberSanchayika Day
15SeptemberWorld Lymphoma Awareness Day
15SeptemberNational Linguine Day
16SeptemberInternational Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
16SeptemberMalaysia Day
16SeptemberNational Guacamole Day
17SeptemberWorld Patient Safety Day
17SeptemberVon Steuben Day
18SeptemberInternational Equal Pay Day
18SeptemberWorld Bamboo Day
18SeptemberInternational Red Panda Day
18SeptemberInternational Week of the Deaf 
19SeptemberInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day
20SeptemberInternational Day of University Sport
20SeptemberNational Rum Punch Day
21SeptemberInternational Day of Peace
21SeptemberWorld Alzheimer’s Day
21SeptemberBiosphere Day
22SeptemberWorld Rhino Day
22SeptemberWorld Rose Day
22SeptemberCar-Free Days
22SeptemberAmerican Business Women’s Day
23SeptemberInternational Day of Sign Languages
24SeptemberWorld Maritime Day
24SeptemberNational Punctuation Day
25SeptemberWorld Pharmacists Day
25SeptemberAntyodaya Diwas
25SeptemberNational Daughters Day
25SeptemberNational Lobster Day
26SeptemberInternational Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
26SeptemberEuropean Day of Languages
26SeptemberWorld Contraception Day
26SeptemberWorld Environmental Health Day
26SeptemberCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research Day
27SeptemberWorld Tourism Day
27SeptemberNational Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
28SeptemberWorld Rabies Day
28SeptemberInternational Day for Universal Access to Information
28SeptemberGunners Day
28SeptemberInternational Poke Day
29SeptemberWorld Heart Day
29SeptemberInternational Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
29SeptemberWorld Maritime Day
29SeptemberNational Biscotti Day
30SeptemberInternational Podcast Day
30SeptemberBlasphemy Day
30SeptemberInternational Translation Day
30SeptemberInternational Blasphemy Rights Day


DateMonthInternational Day
1OctoberWorld Smile Day
1OctoberWorld Postcard Day
1OctoberInternational Day of Older Persons
1OctoberInternational Coffee Day
1OctoberWorld Vegetarian Day
2OctoberInternational Day of Non-Violence
2OctoberGandhi Jayanti
2OctoberWorld Day for Farmed Animals
3OctoberGerman Unity Day
4OctoberWorld Animal Day
4OctoberWorld Habitat Day
4OctoberWorld Space Week
4OctoberWorld Architecture Day
5OctoberWorld Teachers’ Day
5OctoberGanga River Dolphin Day
6OctoberGerman-American Day
7OctoberWorld Cotton Day
8OctoberIndian Air Force Day
8OctoberWorld Egg Day
9OctoberWorld Post Day
9OctoberWorld Migratory Bird Day
9OctoberIndian Foreign Service Day
10OctoberWorld Mental Health Day
10OctoberWorld Migratory Bird Day
10OctoberWorld Day Against the Death Penalty
11OctoberInternational Day of the Girl Child
12OctoberWorld Arthritis day
13OctoberInternational Day for Disaster Risk Reduction
14OctoberWorld Sight Day
14OctoberWorld Standards Day
15OctoberInternational Day of Rural Women
15OctoberPregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
15OctoberGlobal Handwashing Day
15OctoberWhite Cane Safety Day
15OctoberWorld Students’ Day
16OctoberWorld Food Day
16OctoberWorld Anaesthesia Day
16OctoberBoss’s Day
16OctoberWorld Spine Day
17OctoberInternational Day for the Eradication of Poverty
20OctoberWorld Statistics Day
20OctoberWorld Osteoporosis Day
20OctoberInternational Day of the Air Traffic Controller
20OctoberNational Solidarity Day
20OctoberInternational Chefs Day
21OctoberPolice Commemoration Day
22OctoberInternational Stuttering Awareness Day
23OctoberMole Day
23OctoberInternational Snow Leopard Day
24OctoberUnited Nations Day
24OctoberWorld Development Information Day
24OctoberWorld Polio Day
24OctoberRaising Day of Indo-Tibetan Border Police
25OctoberWorld Mother-in-Law’s Day
27OctoberWorld Day for Audiovisual Heritage
27OctoberInfantry Day
28OctoberInternational Animation Day
29OctoberInternational Internet Day
30OctoberWorld Thrift Day
30OctoberWorld Savings Day
31OctoberWorld Cities Day
31OctoberNational Unity Day (India)


DateMonthInternational Day
1NovemberWorld Vegan Day
1NovemberAll Saints’ Day
1NovemberNational Fried Clam Day
1NovemberKarnataka Formation Day
2NovemberInternational Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists
2NovemberNational Deviled Egg Day
2NovemberAll Souls Day
3NovemberSandwich Day
4NovemberNational Candy Day
5NovemberWorld Tsunami Awareness Day
5NovemberWorld Day of Romani Language
5NovemberNational Doughnut Day
6NovemberInternational Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
6NovemberNational Nachos Day
7NovemberInfant Protection Day
7NovemberNational Cancer Awareness Day
7NovemberHug a Bear Day
7NovemberInternational Day of Medical Physics
8NovemberWorld Radiography Day
8NovemberCook Something Bold and Pungent Day
8NovemberGuru Nanak Gurpurab
9NovemberLegal Services Day
9NovemberNational Louisiana Day
9NovemberWorld Adoption Day
9NovemberWorld Freedom Day
9NovemberIqbal Day
9NovemberUttarakhand Foundation Day
10NovemberWorld Science Day for Peace and Development
10NovemberWorld Immunization Day
10NovemberNational Forget-Me-Not Day
10NovemberWorld Usability Day
11NovemberVeterans Day
11NovemberRemembrance Day
11NovemberSingles’ Day (China)
11NovemberWorld Quality Day
11NovemberNational Education Day
12NovemberInternational Tempranillo Day
12NovemberWorld Pneumonia Day
12NovemberNational Happy Hour Day
12NovemberPublic Service Broadcasting Day
13NovemberWorld Kindness Day
14NovemberWorld Diabetes Day
14NovemberInternational Day against Illicit Trafficking in Cultural Property
14NovemberChildren’s Day
14NovemberNational Young Readers Day
14NovemberNational Pickle Day
15NovemberWorld Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
15NovemberNational Clean Out Your Fridge Day
15NovemberJharkhand Foundation Day
16NovemberInternational Day for Tolerance
16NovemberNational Button Day
17NovemberInternational Students Day
17NovemberNational Journalism Day
17NovemberHomemade Bread Day
17NovemberNational Epilepsy Day
17NovemberInternational Happy Gose Day
17NovemberWorld Prematurity Day
18NovemberInternational Day of Islamic Art
18NovemberWorld Adult Day
18NovemberNational Vichyssoise Day
18NovemberWorld Philosophy Day
18NovemberNational Naturopathy Day
18NovemberWorld Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Day
19NovemberWorld Toilet Day
19NovemberWorld Philosophy Day
19NovemberInternational Men’s Day
19NovemberNational Play Monopoly Day
19NovemberWomen’s Entrepreneurship Day
19NovemberNational Integration Day
19NovemberWorld Day for Prevention of Child Abuse
20NovemberAfrica Industrialization Day
20NovemberWorld Children’s Day
20NovemberTransgender Day of Remembrance
20NovemberNational Beautiful Day
21NovemberWorld Fisheries Day
21NovemberWorld Television Day
21NovemberNational Stuffing Day
21NovemberNational Red Mitten Day
21NovemberWorld Hello Day
21NovemberWorld Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims
22NovemberGo For A Ride Day
23NovemberFibonacci Day
24NovemberCelebrate Your Unique Talent Day
25NovemberInternational Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
25NovemberNational Day of Mourning
25NovemberNational Parfait Day
25NovemberBlack Friday
26NovemberWorld Olive Tree Day
26NovemberIndian Constitution Day
26NovemberSmall Business Saturday
27NovemberIndian Organ Donation Day
28NovemberCyber Monday
29NovemberInternational Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
29NovemberNational Lemon Cream Pie Day
30NovemberDay of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare
30NovemberSt. Andrew’s Day
30NovemberBonifacio Day

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DateMonthInternational Day
1DecemberWorld AIDS Day
1DecemberNagaland Formation Day
1-10DecemberHornbill Festival (Nagaland)
2DecemberNational Pollution Control Day
2DecemberInternational Day for the Abolition of Slavery
2DecemberWorld Computer Literacy Day
3DecemberInternational Day of Persons with Disabilities
4DecemberIndian Navy Day
4DecemberInternational Day of Banks
4DecemberWorld Wildlife Conservation Day
4DecemberInternational Cheetah Day
5DecemberWorld Soil Day
5DecemberWorld Pear Day
5DecemberInternational Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
5DecemberWorld Soil Day
6DecemberSaint Nicholas Day
7DecemberArmed Forces Flag Day
7DecemberInternational Civil Aviation Day
8DecemberBodhi Day
9DecemberInternational Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime
9DecemberInternational Anti-Corruption Day
10DecemberHuman Rights Day
10DecemberInternational Animal Rights Day
10DecemberNobel Prize Day
10DecemberInternational Animal Rights Day
11DecemberUNICEF Day
11DecemberInternational Mountain Day
12DecemberInternational Day of Neutrality
12DecemberInternational Universal Health Coverage Day
12DecemberInternational Day of Neutrality
12DecemberUniversal Health Coverage Day
13DecemberWorld Violin Day
14DecemberNational Energy Conservation Day
14DecemberMartyred Intellectuals Day (Bangladesh)
14DecemberMonkey Day
15DecemberNational Cat Herders Day
16DecemberVijay Diwas
16DecemberDay of Reconciliation
17DecemberWright Brothers Day
18DecemberInternational Migrants Day
18DecemberWorld Arabic Language Day
18DecemberMinorities Rights Day
19DecemberGoa’s Liberation Day
20DecemberGo Caroling Day
20DecemberInternational Human Solidarity Day
21DecemberHumbug Day
22DecemberNational Mathematics Day
22DecemberForefathers’ Day
22DecemberNational Date Nut Bread Day
23DecemberKisan Diwas
23DecemberNational Roots Day
24DecemberNational Egg Nog Day
24DecemberNational Consumer Rights Day
25DecemberChristmas Day
25DecemberGood Governance Day
25DecemberNational Pumpkin Pie Day
26DecemberNational Thank You Note Day.
26DecemberNational Candy Cane Day
26DecemberBoxing Day
27DecemberVisit the Zoo Day
27DecemberNational Fruitcake Day
27DecemberInternational Day of Epidemic Preparedness
28DecemberNational Card Playing Day
29DecemberNational Pepper Pot Day
29DecemberTick Tock Day
30DecemberNational Bacon Day
31DecemberNew Year’s Eve
31DecemberNational Unity Day
31DecemberMake Up Your Mind Day
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