List Of Indian State Foundation Day With GK Questions

Indian State Foundation Day

Last Updated: 23 March 2021

In 2021, India has 28 States and 8 Union Territories. In this article, You’ll find all the lists of Indian State Foundation Day and Union Territories Foundation Day.

State Foundation Day is celebrated to mark the formation of a State or the Union Territories.

Some of these states and union territories observe their foundation day as the Official State Holiday, and some do not.

State Functions, Parades, Cultural Events, and Award Ceremonies are held in various States and Union Territories on their respective Foundation Day.

A State’s Foundation Day, usually but not always falls on their statehood day. Read all the list of Indian State Foundation Day and boost your knowledge.

Indian State Foundation Day

No.StateFoundation DayStatehood Day
1Andhra Pradesh01 November 195601 November 1956
2Arunachal Pradesh20 February 198720 February 1987
3Assam02 December 192826 January 1950
4Bihar22 March 191226 January 1950
5Chhattisgarh01 November 200001 November 2000
6Goa30 May 198730 May 1987
7Gujarat01 May 196001 May 1960
8Haryana01 November 196601 November 1966
9Himachal Pradesh15 April 194825 January 1971
10Jharkhand15 November 200015 November 2000
11Karnataka01 November 195601 November 1956
12Kerala01 November 195601 November 1956
13Madhya Pradesh01 November 195601 November 1956
14Maharashtra01 May 196001 May 1960
15Manipur21 January 197221 January 1972
16Meghalaya21 January 197221 January 1972
17Mizoram20 February 198720 February 1987
18Nagaland01 December 196301 December 1963
19Odisha01 April 193601 April 1936
20Punjab01 November 196601 November 1966
21Rajasthan30 March 194930 March 1949
22Sikkim16 May 197516 May 1975
23Tamil Nadu01 November 195626 January 1950
24Telangana02 June 201402 June 2014
25Tripura21 January 197221 January 1972
26Uttar Pradesh24 January 195024 January 1950
27Uttarakhand09 November 200009 November 2000
28West Bengal20 June 194726 January 1950

Indian Union Territories Foundation Day

No.Union TerritoryFoundation DayFormation Day
1Andaman & Nicobar Islands01 November 195601 November 1956
2Chandigarh01 November 196601 November 1966
3Dadra and Nagar Haveli &
Daman and Diu
26 January 202026 January 2020
4Delhi01 November 195601 February 1992
5Jammu and Kashmir31 October 201931 October 2019
6Ladakh31 October 201931 October 2019
7Lakshadweep01 November 195601 November 1956
8Puducherry01 November 195416 August 1962

Common Foundation Day

No.DateStates & Union Territories
121 January1) Manipur Day
2) Meghalaya Day
3) Tripura Day
220 February1) Arunachal Pradesh Day
2) Mizoram Day
31 May1) Gujarat Day
2) Maharashtra Day
41 November1) Andhra Pradesh Day
2) Chhattisgarh Day
3) Haryana Day
4) Karnataka Day
5) Kerala Day
6) Madhya Pradesh Day
7) Punjab Day
8) Tamil Nadu Day
Union Territories
531 October1) Jammu & Kashmir Day
2) Ladakh Day
61 November1) Andaman & Nicobar Day
2) Chandigarh Day
3) Delhi Day
4) Lakshadweep Day
5) Puducherry Day

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Indian Autonomous Administrative Divisions Day

No.StateAutonomous AreaFormation Day
1AssamBodoland9 February 2003
North Cachar Hills (Dima Hasao)1951
Karbi Anglong23 June 1952
Rabha Hasong1995
Sonowal Kachari2005
Thengal Kachari2005
Tiwa Autonomous Council1995
Koch rajbanshi Autonomous Council1995
3ManipurChandel13 May 1974
Sadar Hills1971
4MeghalayaGaro Hills1973
Jaintia Hills1973
Khasi Hills1973
5MizoramChakma29 April 1972
Lai29 April 1972
Mara29 May 1971
6TripuraTripura Tribal Areas15 January 1982
7West BengalGorkhaland14 March 2012

GK Questions On Indian State Foundation Days

1. How many Indian States celebrate 1st November as their Foundation Day?
Answer: 8 Indian States

2. How many Indian Union Territories celebrate 1st November as their Foundation Day?
Answer: 5 Union Territories

3. When is Nagaland Day Celebrated?
a) 1st December
b) 1st May
c) 1st January
d) 1st March

4. When is Himachal Pradesh Day Celebrated?
a) 15 June
b) 15 May
c) 15 July
d) 15 April

5. When is Uttar Pradesh Diwas Celebrated?
a) 24 March
b) 24 January
c) 24 February
d) 24 June

6. When is Telangana Formation Day celebrated?
a) 2nd June
b) 2nd July
c) 2nd September
d) 2nd August

7. When is Assam Foundation Day celebrated?
a) 2nd December
b) 2nd January
c) 2nd October
d) 2nd March

8. Jammu & Kashmir Day and Ladakh Day are celebrated on the same day on?
a) 31st September
b) 31st October
c) 31st November
d) 31st December

9. Bodoland Day is celebrated on?
a) 19 February
b) 28 February
c) 10 February
d) 9 February

10. When is Tipraland Day celebrated?
a) 23rd November
b) 23rd March
c) 23rd August
d) 23rd September

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