Ladakh Static GK Questions And Answers (Union Territory)

Ladakh Static GK Questions And Answers After Union Territory

Last Updated: 19 January 2021

After all the dispute between India, Pakistan, and China since 1947, Ladakh finally became a union territory on 31 October 2019.

There are many important things to learn about Ladakh like their culture, political issues, rivers, borders, hills, etc.

For you to understand Ladakh simple and easy we have provided questions and answers on all the important questions you might be having on your mind.

Read all the Ladakh static GK questions and answers to sharpen your knowledge and sitting for competitive exams.

Ladakh Static GK Questions And Answers

1. What is the Nickname of Ladakh?

Answer: The Land of High Passes

2. Which is the Largest Union Territory in India?

Answer: Ladakh (59,146  km²)

3. Name the Monasteries in Ladakh?

1) Hermis
2) Thiksey
3) Lamayuru
4) Diskit
5) Shey, etc

4. What is the Temperature of Ladakh?

Answer: Ladakh has only two seasons i.e. Summer (June-September) and Winter (October-May).
Summer: 3 to 35 °C
Winter: -20 to -35 °C

5. Cold Desert in India?

Answer: Ladakh

6. Capital of Ladakh?

Answer:  Leh (Summer) and Kargil (Winter)

7. The most Important River in Ladakh?

Answer: Indus River

8. Name the Rivers in Ladakh?

1) Zanskar River
2) Indus River
3) Shyok River
4) Suru River
5) Tsarap River
6) Nubra River
7) Chip Chap River
8) Dras River
9) Galwan River
10) Shingo River

9. Meaning of Ladakh?

Answer: La: Mountain Pass & Dak: Country

10. Which Range surround Ladakh in the North?

Answer: Karakoram Range

11. Which Range surround Ladakh in the South?

Answer: Zanskar (ज़ंस्कार) Range

12. Highest Mountain in Ladakh?

Answer: Stok Kangri (6,154 metres)

13. Mountain Passes in Ladakh?

1) Marsimik La Pass (5,582 m)
2) Saser La Pass (5,411 m)
3) Chang La Pass (5,360 m)
4) Khardung La Pass (5,359 m)
5) Taglang La Pass (5,328m)
6) Lungalacha La Pass (5,059m)
7) Bara-Lacha La Pass (4,892m)
8) Pensi La Pass (4,400 m)
9) Fotu La Pass (4,108 m)
10) Rohtang Pass  (3,978m)
11) Namika La Pass (3,700 m)
12) Zoji La Pass (3,528m)

14. Highest Motorable road in the World?

Answer: Khardung La (5,359 m)

15. Second Highest Motorable road in the World?

Answer: Taglang La (5,328m)

16. Highest Mountain pass in India?

Answer: Kalindi Pass, Uttarakhand (5,950 m)

17. Name the Trees that grow in Ladakh?

1) Willows
2) Walnut
2) Poplars
4) Apricots
5) Apple

18. Administrative Language of Ladakh?

Answer: Urdu, Hindi, English

19. Area of Ladakh?

Answer: 59,146 km2

20. Second Largest Union Territory By Area?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir (42,241 km²)

21. How many Districts are there in Ladakh?

Answer: 2
1) Kargil District: (Headquarter: Kargil)
2) Leh District: (Headquarter: Leh)

22. Name of District Council of Ladakh?

Answer: Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council

23. Highest inhabited region in Ladakh?

Answer:  Rangdum

24. The largest lake in Ladakh? (Also Himalaya)

Answer:  Pangong Lake (A.K.A Pangong Tso)

25. Highest Elevation of Ladakh?

Answer: Saltoro Kangri (7,742 m)

26. Lowest Elevation of Ladakh?

Answer: Indus River (2,550 m)

27. Length of Pangong Lake?

Answer: 134 km

28. High Court of Ladakh?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir High Court

29. The largest town in Ladakh?

Answer: Leh

30. Highest town in Ladakh?

Answer: Karzok

31. Highest TBR (The total birth rate) in Ladakh?

Answer: Brokpas

32. Lowest TBR (The total birth rate) in Ladakh?

Answer: Arghuns

33. Main Religion of Ladakh?

1) Muslims (46%)
2) Tibetan Buddhists (40%)
3) Hindus (12%)
4) Others

34. Highest Plateau in India?

Answer: Ladakh 

35. When did Ladakh became a Union Territory?

Answer: 31 October 2019

36. The largest circulated Newspaper of Ladakh?

Answer: Daily Excelsior

37. Airport of Ladakh?

Answer: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport

38.  First European to study the wildlife of Ladakh?

Answer: William Moorcroft (1820)

39. First University of Ladakh?

Answer: University of Ladakh

40. First Governor of Union Territory of Ladakh?

Answer: Radha Krishna Mathur

41. When was Elections held for the first time in Ladakh?

Answer: 1995

42. How many seats does Ladakh have in  Legislative Assembly?

Answer: 4 (Four)

43. First School in Leh?

Answer: The Moravian Mission School (1889)

44. Which pass is called The Pass of Lower Castle?

Answer: Khardung La pass

45. Which lake is called “Twin Natural Paradise”?

Answer: Tso Moriri Lake

46. Nickname of Khardung La pass?

Answer: Gateway To Valleys

47. Where is Magnetic Hill in India?

Answer: Ladakh

48. Where in India is the Bactrian Camel (Double Humped Camel) found?

Answer: Ladakh

49. Which is the World’s Highest Salt Water Lake?

Answer: Pangong Lake

50. Which Chemical Element was found in Ladakh?

Answer: Uranium

51. Important Minerals Found in Ladakh?
Answer: Limestone, Marble, Granite, Borax

52. Where did the Kargil War Happen?
Answer: Ladakh

53. Popular Movies Shot in Ladakh?
1) 3 Idiots (2009)
2) Lakshya (2004)
3) Race 3 (2018)
4) Tubelight (2017)
5) Shershaah (2020)

54. What has changed in Ladakh after it became Union Territory?
1) Indians from other states can buy a property and settle in Ladakh.
2) Right To Information (RTI) is now available.
3) Women will be free to work and get educational degrees.
4) Ladakh will have No assembly like Chandigarh.
5) Right To Education (RTE) will apply.

55. Which Article is related to the making of Ladakh a Union Territory?
Answer: Article 240

56. Which Country surrounds Ladakh?
Answer: China

57. What was Ladakh before Union Territory?
Answer: Part of Jammu And Kashmir

58. Where is Kargil?
Answer: Ladakh (Second Largest Town after Leh)

59. What are the Traditional houses in Ladakh made of?
Answer: Stones, timbers, and mud

60. Which River is called the backbone of Ladakh?
Answer: Indus River

61. Where was Red Throated Thrush and Plumbeous Water Redstart found in 2020?
Answer: Ladakh

62. Who is the real Phunsukh Wangdu in 3 Idiots Movie?
Answer: Sonam Wangchuk, He is an engineer hailing from Ladakh.

63. Why is Ladakh famous?
1) Breathtaking Landscapes
2) Crystal Clear Skies
3) Highest Mountain Passes
4) Thrilling Adventure Activities
5) Buddhist Monasteries
6) Festivals
7) Bikers Dream

64. Name Lakes in Ladakh?
1) Pangong Lake
2) Tso Moriri
3) Tso Kar
4) Kyagar Tso
5) Mirpal Tso

65. What is Ladakh sometimes called as?
Answer: Little Tibet

66. Dam in Ladakh?
Answer: Nimoo Bazgo Dam (Indus River)

67. Which lake in Ladakh share border with China?
Answer: Pangong Tso lake

68. The only National Park in Ladakh?
Answer: Hemis National Park

69. Mughal Garden built in Ladakh in 1632 AD?
Answer: Chashme Shahi (A.K.AChashma i Shah)

70. Which Palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century?
Answer: Leh Palace

71. Wildlife Sanctuary in Ladakh?
Answer: Karakoram Wildlife Sanctuary and Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary

72. Which Minister virtually inaugurated India’s highest Meteorological Centre in Leh?
Answer: Dr.
Harsh Vardhan

73. What is the elevation of Likir Monastery?
Answer: 3700m

74. When was “Khelo India” 1st Zanskar Winter Sports in Ladakh inaugurated?
Answer: January 18, 2021

75. What is the name of the Double Humped Camel found in Ladakh?
Answer: Bactrian Camel

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