List Of All Social Networking Sites And Their Founders 2022

List Of All Social Networking Sites And Their Founders: List of Founders of Social Networking Sites

Last Updated: 9 May 2022

Websites and Applications that enable us to share our Thoughts, Pictures, Videos, Pieces of Information, and Participation in Social Networking are called Social Media.

At first, Social Media was not used by much of the population around the world, but with the Innovation of Technology, Social Media is now our Day to Day Routine.

In this article, you will find all the Names of the Social Media Websites and their Founders who have changed the world by changing the way we Connect with People.

Many people have changed their lives with engagement in Social Networking whether it be to find their Loved Ones, Sharing Important Inventions, Influencing People, and Other Various Things.

Read all the List Of All Social Networking Sites And Their Founders to know who was the person behind the scene. Launching Year is also mentioned with the list of Founders of Social Networking Sites.

List Of All Social Networking Sites And Their Founders

1BadooAndrey Andreev2006
2BumbleWhitney Wolfe Herd2014
3Buzznet1) Marc Brown
2) Anthony Batt
3) Kevin Woolery
4) Steve Haldane
4ClassmatesRandy Conrads1995
5Facebook1) Mark Zuckerberg
2) Andrew McCollum
3) Eduardo Saverin
4) Dustin Moskovitz
5) Chris Hughes
6Flickr1) Stewart Butterfield
2) Caterina Fake
7FriendicaMike Macgirvin2010
8FriendsterJonathan Abrams2002
9HappnDidier Rappaport2014
10HotorNotJames Hong2000
11Hi5Ramu Yalamanchi2004
12Instagram1) Mike Krieger
2) Kevin Systrom
13KikTed Livingston2010
14Kuaishou1) Su Hua
2) Cheng Yixiao
15LikeeJason Hu2017
16LINEHae Jin Lee2011
17LinkedIn1) Reid Hoffman
2) Konstantin Guericke
3) Jean-Luc Vaillant
4) Allen Blue
5) Eric Ly
18LiveJournalBrad Fitzpatrick1999
19LovooFlorian Braunschweig2011
20MocoSpaceJustin Siegel2005
21Musical.ly1) Alex Zhu
2) Luyu Yang
22Myspace1) Tom Anderson
2) Chris DeWolfe
3) Jon Hart
23Ning1) Marc Andreessen
2) Gina Bianchini
24OkCupid1) Chris Coyne
2) Christian Rudder
3) Sam Yagan
4) Max Krohn
25PinterestBen Silbermann2010
26Quora1) Adam D’Angelo
2) Charlie Cheever
27Reddit1) Steve Huffman
2) Alexis Ohanian
3) Aaron Swartz
28Signal1) Brian Acton
2) Moxie Marlinspike
29Skout1) Christian Wiklund
2) Niklas Lindstrom
30Skype1) Niklas Zennström
2) Janus Friis
31StumbleUpon1) Garrett Camp
2) Justin LaFrance
3) Geoff Smith
32Snapchat1) Evan Spiegel
2) Bobby Murphy
3) Reggie Brown
33Tagged1) Greg Tseng
2) Johann Schleier-Smith
34Telegram1) Pavel Durov
2) Nikolai
36Tinder1) Sean Rad
2) Whitney Wolfe Herd
3) Arun Gopan
4) Jonathan Badeen
5) Justin Mateen
6) Joe Munoz
7) Dinesh Moorjani
37TumblrDavid Karp2007
38Twitter1) Jack Dorsey
2) Evan Williams
3) Noah Glass
4) Biz Stone
39Twoo1) Toon Coppens
2) Lorenz Bogaert
40Viber1) Talmon Marco
2) Igor Magazinnik
41VK1) Pavel Durov
2) Nikolai Durov
3) Yitzchak Mirilashvili
4) Lev Binzumovich Leviev
42WeChatAllen Zhang2011
43WhatsApp1) Brian Acton
2) Jan Koum
44YouTube1) Jawed Karim
2) Steve Chen
3) Chad Hurley
45Zoom Eric Yuan2011
46Zoosk1) Alex Mehr
2) Shayan Zadeh

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General Knowledge And Facts

1. Which Popular Video Sharing Website was launched on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: YouTube (14 February 2005)

2. How many People are there every second on Facebook?

Answer: 20,000 People

3. What is the Average Daily Time Spent on Social Media?

Answer: 142 Minutes

4. Which Social Media have the most Users on the Internet?

Answer: Facebook (More than 2 Billion)

5. Which Social Media was dead in 2019?

Answer: Google+

6. What is the name of the Advertising Platform by Google for YouTube?

Answer: Google AdSense

7. What Percentage of the World is on Social Media?

Answer: 60 Percent of the World’s Population 

8. When was Instagram Launched?

Answer: 6 October 2010

9. Which Video Sharing App was launched in 2016 that is Famous for 15 Seconds Video?

Answer: TikTok

10. What are the Top Benefits of Using Social Media?

1) Faster and Easier Communication
2) Networking and Partnerships
3) Personal Branding
4) Increase Website Traffic
5) Customer Feedback

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