List Of Blue States And Red States In U.S. 2022 (Updated)

Blue States And Red States

Last Updated: 10 May 2022

Before you read the Blue States and the Red States list, let’s find out how the naming of a state with color started!

The Blue States and the Red States are referred to as states of the United States whose voters predominantly choose either the Democratic Party (Blue) or Republican Party (Red) for Presidential and Senatorial Candidates.

The use of the term Blue or Red has been expanded to differentiate between states being perceived as Liberal and those perceived as Conservative. It is now seen that the “Democratic Blue” and “Republican Red” color scheme is now part of the lexicon of American journalism.

However, the fun fact is that neither of the party national committees has officially accepted these color designations, though informal use by each party is becoming common.

Nevertheless, both parties have adopted logos that use their respective colors i.e., a blue “D” for Democrats and a white “GOP” with a red elephant for Republicans.

The following list is tabled from the last Presidential Election 2020.

List Of Blue States And Red States

No.Blue StatesNo.Red States
15New Hampshire15North Carolina
16New Jersey16North Dakota
17New Mexico17Ohio
18New York18Oklahoma
19Oregon19South Carolina
20Pennsylvania20South Dakota
21Rhode Island21Tennessee
24Washington24West Virginia

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All the 50 States of the United States of America contain both Democratic and Republican voters but only Blue or Red colors appear on the electoral map because of the winner-take-all system used by most states in the Electoral College.

Fun Facts

  • The Red-Blue terminology was popularized in 2000.
  • From the 2000-2004 election only three states changed “color”.
  • As of 2020, fully 35 out of 50 states in the U.S. have voted for the same party in every presidential election since the red-blue terminology was popularized in 2000.
  • The state of Maine has seen supporters from both Democrats and Republican voters but majority Democrats voters, therefore, it is referred to as Blue State while Nebraska state saw a majority voters from Republicans hence it is referred to as Red State.
  • The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee alluded to the color scheme when it launched a national “Red to Blue Program” in 2006.[1]
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  1. After all the shenanigans perpetrated by Joe Biden and his handlers how could anyone be proud to be a democrat. Get your heads out of the sand, they mean to destroy our freedoms and values. It is truly sad.

      • No thanks! QRepklanazi party of deteriorating cognitive abilities, due to inbreeding, low testosterone, low self esteem, that is why they pose with their combat weapons.

      • QRepklanazis, due to their obvious deterioration of cognitive abilities, majority of red state citizens are inbreds.

    • The shenanigans are all on the Republican side and they have undermined election integrity while accusing the Democrats of it. We will never have fair and impartial elections again. The Republicans have set up swing states so that actual votes can be ignored and overruled by Republican state legislatures. They have killed democracy. Democrats put a premium on playing by the rules, Republican put the premium on winning by whatever means they can.

      • You are correct and the evidence is displayed and broadcast daily from Congress. We are living evidence, too; while the Rethugs are counting on short memories (the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017), Democrats are attempting to partially offset that $1.4TRILLION national debt with the Build Back Better Plan. Rethugs passed the TCJA via reconciliation bc they KNEW it wouldn’t pass or survive a filibuster. In case folks don’t realize it the TCJA 2% tax INCREASE applied to everyone making below $75K/year goes into effect THIS YEAR BUT the tax DEDUCTION of 12% given to corporations went into effect in 2017. That 2% additional tax is approx $29K and translates to an additional $300/mo mortgage payment. People making below $75/year make up 65% of taxpayers. Democracy is under attack by the Rethuglikkkan Party and the Democrats aren’t the only people noticing that fact. I refer to the recently released Global State of Democracy Report 2021 that identifies the US as no longer the ‘bastion of democracy’ but is “backsliding towards authoritarianism”. The report specified 45’s unprecedented and anti-democratic refusal to accept the results of a fair election and his subsequent attack on the Capitol as main contributors to the determination of our democratic status.

      • Democracy Definition
        Meaning “rule by the people,” democracy is a system of government that not only allows but requires the participation of the people in the political process to function properly. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, in his famed 1863 Gettysburg Address may have best-defined democracy as a “…government of the people, by the people, for the people…”

        I disagree. “The shenanigans” you speak of, isn’t either-or, it’s all.
        “The People”, any and all who choose to participate in the division of the USA due to their political opinions, selfishness, and personal agendas, are equally responsible for the daily destruction of this country. Each party has had their share of dirty hands. The media is one of the biggest perpetrators of division, and sadly, too many people are too lazy to seek out the truth on their own and they believe whatever poison is being spoon fed to them every single day. The rich and powerful and greedy are sitting comfortably, laughing while they watch “The People” turn on each other and tear the country down. Only “We, the People”, can put an end to “the shenanigans”, but it will never stop as long as we allow the puppet masters to pull our strings, and continue to take sides instead of being the UNITED States of America.

      • And that’s why the dirty democrats that had a hand in the Russia collusion hoax are all getting indicted or sued. And I suppose you believe the laptop is not real and joey baby is not “the big guy”. You guys run around with your head in the sand just repeating what you hear never doing any research on your own. And in the end the dems lied and now boy don’t you look silly.


    • You’re wrong truly and simply the people who mean to destroy freedoms is you people, we will never forget the sixth and we will never forgive you people either!

    • Democrats have won the Popular Vote since 2008 in presidential elections. Just wait a few years when the next generation is eligible to vote, no matter what Republicans try to do to sabotage elections, Republican Party will be Bye, Bye!

    • Democrats should be ashamed. They have voted for the most incompetent president ever and have brought all of us down with their lack of doing their homework. Biden had a brain hemorrhage in 1988, age and brain hemorrhages do not mix. It is the democrats fault we are where we are today. Democrats should pay $5.00 a gallon and all the people that voted for President Trump should pay $2.50 per gallon. I won’t even get into the baby formula or all the violence everywhere. Jan. 6th was not an insurrection, no one had guns, why didn’t Pelosi listen to President Trump to get the National Guard out, everyone could see there was going to be huge amounts of people. Pelosi said it was because of optics, I believe she wanted trouble. Those poor people that have been in solitary confinement for being there, they had no guns, they were just there. Democrats are heartless, violent animals. Why is it okay that Supreme Court Justice Cavanaugh had a person with guns at his house, why is that not on the liberal media. Democrats are filth, they lie and cheat. If you voted for Biden, you should not be able to vote again, you are as stupid as him.

  2. Virginia turned Red. It was embarrassing being equated with Democrat racists who developed, wrote and instituted the Jim Crow laws. How the black-faced baby killer was elected is a mystery. Too many dead Dem voters.

  3. Right. I don’t turn on cnn or msnbc, or any other Marxist media to get the news I have to research it myself, using news reports from other countries. I look at graphs, and studies.
    Dems made up the base of all kkk rallies, and kept blacks away from the polls and voting during the 1910s-1960s, by beating folks up. Dems gave us the Jim Crow laws, People knew they were wrong, but Dems lived with them. Republican’s worked to overturn them.
    I watched Democrats in DC, where I grew up, deciding I could never be like the racists, who laughed about keeping their women barefoot and pregnant.

  4. It’s pretty ridiculous to call a state “Blue” simply because it’s voters voted for a Democrat as president, &/or its senators, while both houses of the state’s legislature are solidly Republican. Plus, it’s congressional delegation is about 50/50, so maybe we can use more accurate labels instead.

  5. The first network to color states during election results broadcast was in 1972 with CBS. At that time, blue represented states won by the Republican incumbent Richard Nixon, and red was for those taken by challenger US Senator George McGovern of South Dakota. Red was most likely chosen for Democrats because in the United Kingdom, red is the color of Liberals in their government. This color scheme changed over the next couple of decades for reasons unknown. My speculation is that red is also the color many countries have used in their flags to represent revolution (possibly also from the Liberals in the U.K), China being the most famous and Democrats didn’t want anything to do with China and the Red Army, and therefore Democrats didn’t want to be associated with that. Blue is the color more associated with loyalty and royalty and that is what Republicans represented. However, since the time of Richard Nixon, the news media has been leaning further and further left. I believe Democrats didn’t want Red, they wanted Blue, and the liberal media obliged.

    • The lines you republicans cross… There will be wars ahead and it won’t be because of us, it will be because of you and your type, the extreme fascist type!

      • Your president is ready to get us in a war with a super power u fool open your eyes I can’t be weak as a leader so the strong can’t pounce

        • AMEN. We see it every day @ gas pumps, groceries & daily distruction. Trump did EVERYTHING hr said he wud. Kept us outta war, booming economy. A true leader. Biden adm. wants us dependant on gov’s. Selling us out to China!! Open your eyes ahole Dems. Our country’s going to hell cuz lying bastard Dems. We need our LEADER back. We luv you Trump!!

  6. George Washington warned us against having political parties. Each issue and its potential solutions should be debated on its own merits, not by blindly following the opinions of a political party. If Congress could do this and we as individual citizens could do this, we’d find the redness and blueness would fade substantially. We would find that we agree with some views from the other side.

  7. Many of the Republicans appear to have gone brain dead. Will not allow Dems to pass anything that negate Americans to receive even the right to a fair vote! The BBB should have already passed! Congress and Senators refusing to stand up for the American people should be voted out of their positions in a fair and safe election. My family, along with many others will refuse to live with an authoritarian
    Dictator leader and his brain washed followers.

    • Wow!!!!!!!! Im always amazed at the power of indoctrination of liberals, wow , linda the onlything standing between you and authoritarian gov. Is 50 republicans in senate i realize your a democrat but your party has been highjacked by radicals and they qre far more dangerous than trump get your head out of sand please!! This is fact if we move to far right its hitler if we move to far left its hitler he was at the 6 oclock bottom of barrel bad that is where far left and far right become the same thing lets all get back to the 12 oclock center please

      • Makes total sense. This is a psychological warfare tactic used to take over the countries out there that haven’t been completely conquered yet. A very big problem is on our hands.

    • youll be mad when the lions roar and blow you libtards out the country and send yall back to china where you belong with your stupid socialist views

  8. …all I can say is “WOW!”. And that’s not by any means in a positive way. I truly believe without a doubt, that the information here is lacking the correct, accurate and honest polls from “WE THE PEOPLE!”.

  9. I don’t really go by party when I look at a politician. I go by how logical their points are and their values/priorities.
    I’m from Texas and I can say that that state is definitely a sea of red, but that the Denton/Dallas/Austin areas are like the safe havens. There’s generally a shared mindset of the voters of a specific party and I’m sad to say that most people out in the more rural areas are generally racist/homophobic/sexist white people and its very Baptist.
    Glad to be in a blue state! Greg Abbott does NOT care about women’s rights.

  10. Red states are religulous, instead of the color red they should be replaced with gun emotes. Make it easier to identify places not to visit or live in, this could make ufo abductions much easier for the rest of society so we don’t need to worry about all those flat earthers.

    • The Q movement is not the same as flat earth. Get a grip. Flat earth is a planted conspiracy by the deep state, to make everyone else who doesn’t agree with the “official” narrative as loony. Please stop spreading TDS on everyone just because you don’t agree.


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