List Of Chief Ministers Of Karnataka + Interesting Facts

List Of Chief Ministers Of Karnataka

Last Updated: 23 July 2020

Since 1947, the Total number of Chief Ministers of Mysore + Karnataka is 22. Mysore was renamed as Karnataka in the Year 1973.

Before Mysore was renamed as Karnataka, 7 Chief Ministers were Appointed till 1971. Veerendra Patil being the last Chief Minister of the State when it was named as Mysore.

Read the List of Chief Ministers Of Karnataka and Interesting Facts below:

Chief Ministers Of Karnataka

No.Chief MinisterPartyFromUp ToTotal Days
1K. Chengalaraya ReddyINC25/10/194730/3/19524 Y 157 D
2K. HanumanthaiahINC30/3/195219/8/19564 Y 142 D
3Kadidal ManjappaINC19/8/195631/10/195673 Days
4S. NijalingappaINC1/11/195616/5/19581 Y 197 D
5B. D. JattiINC16/5/19589/3/19623Y 297 D
6S. R. KanthiINC14/3/196220/6/196298 Days
➢4S. NijalingappaINC21/6/196228/5/19685 Y 342 D
7Veerendra PatilINC (O)29/5/196818/3/19712 Y 293 D
8D. Devaraj UrsINC20/3/1972 31/12/19775 Y 286 D
➢8D. Devaraj UrsINC (I)28/2/19787/1/19801 Y 313 D
9R. Gundu RaoINC (I)12/1/19806/1/19832 Y 359 D
10Ramakrishna HegdeJP10/1/198310/8/19885 Y 7 M
11S. R. BommaiJP13/8/198821/4/1989281 Days
➢7Veerendra PatilINC30/11/198910/10/1990314 Days
12S. BangarappaINC17/10/199019/11/19922 Y 33 D
13M. Veerappa MoilyINC19/11/199211/12/19942 Y 22 D
14H. D. Deve GowdaJD11/12/199431/5/19961 Y 172 D
15J. H. PatelJD31/5/19967/10/19993 Y 129 D
16S. M. KrishnaINC11/10/199928/5/20044 Y 230 D
17Dharam SinghINC28/5/20042/2/20061 Y 250 D
18H. D. KumaraswamyJD (S)3/2/20068/10/20071 Y 253 D
19B. S. YediyurappaBJP12/11/200719/11/20077 Days
➢19B. S. YediyurappaBJP30/5/20084/8/20113 Y 66 D
20D. V. Sadananda GowdaBJP5/8/201111/7/2012341 Days
21Jagadish ShettarBJP12/7/201212/5/2013304 Days
22SiddaramaiahINC13/5/201315/5/20185 Y 2 Days
➢19B. S. YediyurappaBJP17/5/2018 23/5/20186 Days
➢18H. D. KumaraswamyJD (S)23/5/201823/7/2019 1 Y 61 D
➢19B. S. YediyurappaBJP26/7/2019Present

President’s Rule In Karnataka

RuleFromUp ToDays
1st19 March 197120 March 19721 Year 1 Day
2nd31 December 197728 February 197859 Days
3rd21 April 198930 November 1989193 Days
4th10 October 199017 October 19907 Days
5th8 October 200712 November 200735 Days
6th20 November 200729 May 2008191 Days

Party Full Forms

No.PartyFull Form
1BJPBharatiya Janata Party
2INCIndian National Congress
3INC (I)Indian National Congress (Indira)
4INC (O)Indian National Congress (Organisation)
5JDJanata Dal
6JD (S)Janata Dal (Secular)
7JPJanata Party

Interesting Facts About Chief Ministers Of Karnataka

7 Chief Ministers were Appointed before Mysore was renamed as Karnataka (1947-1971)

Veerendra Patil was the Last Chief Minister of the State when it was named as Mysore (29 May 1968 – 18 March 1971)

D. Devaraj Urs (20 March 1972 – 31 December 1977) was the First Chief Minister after the State was renamed as Karnataka in 1973

The Majority of the Chief Ministers of Karnataka belonged to the Indian National Congress Party

K. Chengalaraya Reddy is the First Chief Minister of the State (25 October 1947 – 30 March 1952)

The Longest-Serving Chief Minister of Karnataka is D. Devaraj Urs (7 Years 234 Days)

Janata Party’s Ramakrishna Hegde is the Second Longest-Serving Chief Minister of Karnataka (5 Years 7 Months)

Veerendra Patil from Indian National Congress has the Longest Gap between Two Terms (18 years 8 months 12 days)
➠First Term: 29 May 1968 – 18 March 1971 (2 Years, 293 Days)
➠Second Term: 30 November 1989 – 10 October 1990 (314 Days)

H. D. Deve Gowda, The 14th Chief Ministers of Karnataka became the 11th Prime Minister of India

 B. D. Jatti, The 5th Chief Ministers of Karnataka became the 5th Vice President of India

➢ President’s Rule in Karnataka was appointed 6 Times. The last Rule was between 20 November 2007 – 29 May 2008

The Shortest President’s Rule in Karnataka was for 7 Days (10 October 1990 – 17 October 1990)

Since 1947, The Number of Chief Ministers of Mysore + Karnataka are 22 People

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