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List Of City Name Changes In India: GkGigs

List Of City Name Changes In India (A Complete List)

In India, the renaming of cities started way back from 1947 following the end of British rule in India. Many Indian state's names were changed during British...
General Knowledge About India

Static General Knowledge About India With 30+ Topics (2021)

Hi There, If You're looking for General Knowledge About India, We got You covered! This Article is a Complete Package of very important GK Questions...
West Bengal General Knowledge

130 West Bengal General Knowledge MCQs For WBPSC Exam

Are You Preparing for WBPSC Exam? Well, this article is for You because here You'll find the best West Bengal General Knowledge MCQs that...
Uttarakhand GK Questions and Answers

Uttarakhand General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Are you looking for Uttarakhand GK Questions and Answers? You came to the best Website on the internet, but first, let me ask you 2...
Nickname Of Indian Cities (State Wise)

Nickname Of Indian Cities (State Wise): A Complete list

The Nicknames of various states and cities in India have been named by the public or a particular person. Nicknames of many cities in...
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