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Facts About Indian Prime Ministers- Facts Of All 14 PM's of India

GK Facts About Indian Prime Ministers (14 Is My Favorite)

Do You want to learn Interesting Facts About Indian Prime Ministers? Well, You came to the right place! In India, The Prime Minister is the Chief...
Cabinet Ministers Of India

New Union Cabinet Ministers Of India List With PDF (2021)

Before we get started, let's first have a quick summary of who are the Union Council of Ministers. The Union Council is led by the Prime...
General Knowledge About India

General Knowledge About India With 500+ Questions (2021)

Hi There, If You're looking for General Knowledge About India, We got You covered! This Article is a Complete Package of very important GK Questions...
Gk Questions On Indira Gandhi- Former Prime Minister Of India

Gk Questions On Indira Gandhi: Achievements, Family, Politics, Works

Do you know how many days was Indira Gandhi The Prime Minister of India? She served as the Prime Minister of India for a Total...
Indian Constitution GK Questions And Answers

100+ Indian Constitution GK Questions And Answers

Bhāratīya Saṃvidhāna or The Constitution of India is the governing law of India. Important Facts: The Indian Constitution is the longest composed Constitution on the planet.The title of Father...
List Of All Prime Ministers Of India With Pictures

List Of All Prime Ministers Of India With Photo (1947 to 2021)

India follows a Parliamentary System. The Prime Minister of India is the Chief of the Executive of the Government and presiding Head of the Government. Eligibility For...
Padma Bhushan Award Medal

List Of Padma Bhushan Award Recipients (1954-2021)

The Padma Bhushan Award is the third-highest Civilian Award of the Republic of India. Padma Bhushan Award was instituted on 2nd January 1954 and is...