250+ Tripura Static GK Question & Answer For TPSC (Updated)

Tripura Static GK

Last Updated: 13 October 2021

Do you know Agartala is India’s Third International Internet Gateway after Mumbai and Chennai?

Yes, the Residents of Tripura will soon be able to experience High-Speed Fiber Internet.

Tripura is the 26th Largest state in India. It is located in the Northeastern region of India that is connected to the rest of the states via NH8.

This Article includes General Knowledge of Tripura Culture, Ethnicity, Rivers, Ministers, Municipalities, Districts, etc that will give you a crystal Idea about the state.

Read all the Tripura Static GK Questions And Answers, that can be very helpful for your TPSC and other competitive Exams.

Highlights Of Tripura
1Area10,491 km2
3DistrictsEight (8)
4Official languagesBengali, Kokborok, Hindi
5Chief MinisterBiplab Kumar Deb
6Deputy Chief MinisterJishnu DebBarman
7GovernorSatyadev Narayan Arya
8Party In PowerBJP

Tripura Static GK

1. Which Indian States Shares a border with Tripura?

Answer: Mizoram and Assam

2. Which Dynasty Ruled Tripura for many Centuries?

Answer: Manikya Dynasty

3. Which is the Third Smallest State in India?

Answer: Tripura
Explanation: The First Smallest State is Goa with an area of 3,702 km2, the Second being Sikkim with an area of 7,096 km2, Third being Tripura with an area of 10,491 km2

4. Which National Highway connects Tripura with other States in India?

Answer: National Highway 8

5.  Which are the Five Mountain Ranges in Tripura?

1) Atharamura
2) Boromura
3) Jampui Hills
4) Longtharai
5) Shakhan

6. What is the Capital of Tripura?

Answer: Agartala

7. According to the 2011 Census, What is the Literacy Rate of Tripura?

Answer: 87.75%

8. What are the Names of the Sculptures at the Archaeological Sites of Tripura?

1) Unakoti
2) Pilak
3) Devtamura

9. Which Missionary Schools are Present in Tripura?

1) Don Bosco School (CBSE)
2) Holy Cross School (‎CISCE)
3) St. Arnold’s School (CBSE)
4) St. Paul’s School (‎CISCE)
5) St. John’s School (CBSE)
6) Saint Andre School (CBSE)

10. Which Country Shares its Border with Tripura?

Answer: Bangladesh

11. Which Direction does Bangladesh share its Border with Tripura?

Answer: North, South, and West

12. When did Tripura get its Statehood?

Answer: 21st January 1972

13. Which is the Largest City in Tripura?

Answer: Agartala

14. Which Municipal Body Governs and Maintains Agartala City?

Answer: Agartala Municipal Corporation

15. How many Districts are in Tripura?

Answer: 8 (Eight)

16. Name the 8 Districts of Tripura?

1) Dhalai
2) Gomati
3) Khowai
4) North Tripura
5) Sepahijala
6) South Tripura
7) Unakoti
8) West Tripura

17. What are the Official Languages of Tripura?

1) Bengali
2) English
3) Kokborok

18. Who is the Chief Minister of Tripura?

Answer: Biplab Kumar Deb

19. Who is the Deputy Chief Minister of Tripura?

Answer: Jishnu DebBarman

20. What is the State Code of Tripura?

Answer: TR

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21. When was Tripura Declared as a Union Territory by the Indian Government?

Answer: 1 November 1956

22. Who is the Last King of Tripura?

Answer: Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Debbarman Bahadur

23. How many Commercial Airports are in Tripura?

Answer: 1 (One)

24. What is the Name of the Airport located in Agartala City?

Answer: Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport

25. When did The Independent Tripuri Kingdom join the newly Independent India?

Answer: 15 October 1949

26. What is the Meaning of Tripura?

Answer: Twi: Water and Pra: Near

27. What is the Literal Meaning of Tripura?

Answer: Land Near the Water (Kokborok)

28. What are the Alternative Names of Tripura?

1) Tippera
2) Tripra
3) Tuipura
4) Twipra

29. What is the Name of the Highest Peak in Tripura?

Answer: Betlingchhip (930m/3,051ft)
Location: North Tripura District

30. Which are the Two National parks of Tripura?

1) Bison (Rajbari) National Park: South Tripura District
2) Clouded Leopard National Park: Sepahijala District

31. What are the State Symbols of Tripura?

1) Animal: Phayre’s Leaf Monkey
2) Bird: Green Imperial Pigeon
3) Tree: Agarwood
4) Flower: Mesua Ferrea
5) Fruit: Queen Pineapple

32. How many Sub-Divisions are in Tripura?

Answer: 23 (Twenty Three)

33. What is the name of the Autonomous District Council of Tripura?

Answer: Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council

34. Which are the Newly created Districts of Tripura in 2012?

1) Gomati
2) Khowai
3) Sipahijala
4) Unakoti

35. Which are the Newly created Sub-Divisions of Tripura in 2012?

1) Jampuijala
2) Jirania
3) Karbook
4) Kumarghat
5) Mohanpur
6) Panisagar

36. Which are the Five New Development Blocks of Tripura created in 2012?

1) Durga Chowmuhani
2) Jolaibari
3) Lefunga
4) Silachari
5) Yuvaraj Nagar

37. What is the Historic Name of Tripura?

Answer: Tipperah

38. Where is the Headquarters of the 8 Districts in Tripura?

1) Dhalai: Ambassa
2) Gomati: Udaipur
3) Khowai: Khowai
4) North Tripura: Dharmanagar
5) Sepahijala: Bishramganj
6) South Tripura: Belonia
7) Unakoti: Kailashahar
8) West Tripura: Agartala

39. In which Pillar is the Earliest Trace of the Ancient of Tripura found?

Answer: Ashokan Pillar Inscriptions

40. Which District has Only One Municipal Council in Tripura?

Answer: North Tripura (Dharmanagar Municipal Council)

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41. Which Municipal is Located in Jirania Sub-Division?

Answer: Ranirbazar Municipal Council

42. Which are the Two Municipal Councils in Unakoti District?

1) Kumarghat Municipal Council
2) Kailashahar Municipal Council

43. Which District in Tripura is Mostly Populated?

Answer: West Tripura

44. Which is the Old Capital of Tripura?

Answer: Udaipur

45. Which place is Known as Old Agartala?

Answer: Khayerpur

46. Which is the Second-Largest city in Northeast India after Guwahati?

Answer: Agartala

47. Which River is Located in Agartala?

Answer: Haora River

48. What is the Area of Agartala?

Answer: 76.51 km²

49. Who is the Education Minister of Tripura?

Answer: Ratan Lal Nath

50. Which Court is Located in Tripura?

Answer: High Court Of Tripura

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Districts With Sub-Divisions And Blocks

Dhalai District
No.Sub-DivisionDevelopment Block
2Gandacherraa) Dumburnagar
b) Raishyabari
3Kamalpura) Durga Chowmuhani
b) Salema
4Longtarai Valleya) Chawmanu
b) Manu
Gomati District
No.Sub-DivisionDevelopment Block
1Amarpura) Amarpur
b) Ompi
2Karbooka) Karbook
b) Silachari
3Udaipura) Kakraban
b) Killa
c) Matabari
Khowai District
No.Sub-DivisionDevelopment Block
1Khowaia) Khowai
b) Padmabil
c) Tulashikhar
2Teliamuraa) Kalyanpur
b) Mungiakami
c) Teliamura
North Tripura District
No.Sub-DivisionDevelopment Block
1Dharmanagara) Kadamtala
b) Yuvaraj Nagar
2Kanchanpura) Dasda
b) Jampui Hill
c) Laljuri
3Panisagara) Damcherra
b) Panisagar
Sipahijala District
No.Sub-DivisionDevelopment Block
3Sonamuraa) Boxanagar
b) Kathalia
c) Melaghar
South Tripura District
No.Sub-DivisionDevelopment Block
1Beloniaa) Bharat Chandra Nagar
b) Hrishyamukh
c) Rajnagar
2Sabrooma) Poang Bari
b) Rupaichari
c) Satchand
3Santirbazara) Bokafa
b) Jolaibari
Unakoti District
No.Sub-DivisionDevelopment Block
1Kumarghata) Kumarghat
b) Pecharthal
West Tripura District
No.Sub-DivisionDevelopment Block
2Mohanpura) Hezamara
b) Lefunga
c) Mohanpur
3Jiraniaa) Jirania
b) Mandai

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51. What is the Full Form of GBP Hospital?
Answer: Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital

52. Where is Tripura Legislative Assembly?
Answer: Kunjaban Agartala

53. Which Government Office is Located near Tripura Legislative Assembly?
Answer: The Secretariat

54. What is the Pin Code of Agartala?
Answer: 799001

55. Which Districts have the least number of Police Stations in Tripura?
Answer: Khowai and Unakoti Districts (5 Police Stations each)

56. What are the Popular Dances of Tripura?
1) Goria Dance
2) Jhum Dance
3) Lebang Dance
4) Mamita Dance
5) Mosak Sulmani Dance
6) Hojagiri Dance
7) Bizhu Dance
8) Wangala Dance
9) Hai-Hak Dance
10) Owa Dance

57. What is the Name of the State Museum located in Agartala?
Answer: Ujjayanta Palace

58. Which God is Believed to be Patron Goddess of Tripura by the Hindus of Tripura?
Answer: Tripura Sundari

59. What are the Important Festivals of Tripura?
1) Ashokastami
2) Dolyatra
3) Durga Puja
4) Ganga Puja
5) Garia puja
6) Kali Puja
7) Ker puja
8) Kharchi puja

60. What is the Name of the Water Palace of Tripura?
Answer: Neermahal

Tripura Municipals District Wise

1Dhalaia) Kamalpur Nagar Panchayet
b) Ambassa Municipal Council
2Gomatia) Udaipur Municipal Council
b) Amarpur Nagar Panchayet
3Khowaia) Khowai Municipal Council
b) Teliamura Municipal Council
4North Tripuraa) Dharmanagar Municipal Council
5Sipahijalaa) Bishalgarh Municipal Council
b) Sonamura Nagar Panchayet
c) Melaghar Municipal Council
6South Tripuraa) Santirbazar Municipal Council
b) Belonia Municipal Council
c) Sabroom Nagar Panchayet
7Unakotia) Kumarghat Municipal Council
b) Kailashahar Municipal Council
8West Tripuraa) Agartala Municipal Corporation
b) Ranirbazar Municipal Council

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61. Which is the Oldest Church in Tripura?
Answer: Union Baptist Church

62. Who are the Major News Publishers of Tripura?
1) Dainik Sambad (Bengali)
2) Syandhan Patrika (Bengali)
3)Tripura Darpan (Bengali)
4) Tripura Times (English)
5) Ajker Fariad (Bengali)
6) Bartaman (Bengali)
7) Daily Desher Katha (Bengali)
8) Dainik Ganadoot (Bengali)

63. What is the Name of the Central University of Tripura?
Answer: Tripura University

64. Which is the Only State University of Tripura?
Answer: Maharaja Bir Bikram University

65. When was Maharaja Bir Bikram University established?
Answer: 2015

66. Who is the first Vice-Chancellor of Maharaja Bir Bikram University?
Answer: Gautam Kumar Basu

67. Which Colleges are Affiliated by MBB University?
1) Bir Bikram Memorial College
2) Maharaja Bir Bikram College
3) Tripura Government Law College

68. Which National Institute is Present in Tripura?
Answer: National Institute of Technology Agartala

69. Which is the only State Own Engineering College in Tripura?
Answer: Tripura Institute of Technology

70. Which is the Oldest School In Tripura?
Answer: Umakanta Academy

Padma Shri Award Recipients

1Satyaram Reang2021Art
2Benichandra Jamatia2020Literature & Education
3Thanga Darlong2019Arts
4Somdev Kishore Devvarman2018Sports
5Dipa Karmakar2017Sports
6Rathindra Datta1992Medicine

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71. What is the Kokborok Term for King?
Answer: Habugra & Bubagra

72. Where does the number of Rivers originating in the hills of Tripura flow?
Answer: Bangladesh

73. Which are the Major Rivers in Tripura?
1) Dhalai River
2) Feni River
3) Gomati River
4) Haora River
5) Juri River
6) Longai River
7) Manu River
8) Muhuri River
9) Khowai River
10) Sunai River

74. What are the Crops Found in Tripura?
1) Jackfruit
2) Jute
3) PineApple
4) Potato
5) Pulses
6) Rice
7) Sugarcane

75. Which is the Major Crop of Tripura?
Answer: Rice

76. Which River has Hydro Power Station in Tripura?
Answer: Gumti River (or Gomati)

77. Name the Wildlife Sanctuaries of Tripura?
1) Gumti Wildlife Sanctuaries
2) Rowa Wildlife Sanctuaries
3) Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuaries
4) Trishna Wildlife Sanctuaries

78. How many seats are reserved for Tripura in Loksabha?
Answer: 2 (Two ST seats)

79. How many seats are reserved for Tripura in Rajya Sabha?
Answer: 1 (one)

80. What is the Next Railway Station after Agartala Railway Station?
Answer: Jogendranagar Railway Station

Cabinet Ministers Of Tripura

1Biplab Kumar Deb
Chief Minister
1) General Administration
2) Home (Exclud. Jail, Fire, & Emergency Service)
3) Health & Family Welfare
4) Industry & Commerce (IT)
5) Public Works Department (Exclud. DWS)
6) Election
7) All Departments that are not Allocated to any Minister
2Jishnu Dev Varma
1) Power
2) Rural Development+ Panchayat
3) Finance
4) Planning and Coordination + Statistics
5) Science, Technology & Environment
3Narendra Chandra Debbarma
1) Forest
2) Revenue
4Ratan Lal Nath
1) Education (Higher)
2) Education (School)
3) Law + Parliamentary Affairs
5Pranajit Singha Roy
1) Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
2) Tourism
3) Transport
6Manoj Kanti Deb
1) Food, Civil Supplies, & Consumer Affairs
2) Industry & Commerce (Exclud. Handloom Handicrafts, Sericulture, & IT)
7Mevar Kumar Jamatia
1) Fisheries
2) Tribal Welfare
3) Industry & Commerce (Handloom, Handicrafts, & Sericulture)
8Santana Chakma
1) Animal Resource Development
2) Social Welfare & Social Education
9Ram Prasad Paulnew
1) Home (Jail, Fire, & Emergency Service)
2) Welfare of Other Backward Classes
3) Welfare of Minorities
4) Cooperation
10Bhagaban Dasnew
1) Welfare of Schedule Castes
2) Animal Resources Development
3) Labour
11Sushanta Chowdhurynew
1) Information & Cultural Affairs
2) Youth Affairs & Sports
3) PWD (DWS)

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81. Which Religions are found in Tripura?
1) Hindu
2) Islam
3) Christianity
4) Buddhism
5) Jainism, etc

82. Name the Folk Dances of Tripura?
1) Goria
2) Lebang Bumani
3) Mamita
4) Mosak Sulmani
5) Hojagiri, etc

83. What are the Major Cuisines of Tripura?
1) Gudok
2) Chakhwi
3) Mosdeng
4) Mwkhwi
5) Bangwi, etc

84. Where is Tripura Sundari Temple Located?
Answer: Udaipur

85. Who is the Minister Of Finance of Tripura?
Answer: Jishnu DebBarma

86. What is the Full Form of TIDC?
Answer: Tripura Industrial Development Corporation

87. Where does the Tripura Sundari Express Train Run?
Answer: Vihar Terminal (Delhi) to Agartala (Tripura)

88. What is the name of the Lake where Neer Mahal is Located?
Answer: Rudra Sagar Lake

89. Where did the First Tea Industry Begin in Tripura?
Answer:  Hiracherra Tea Estate (1916)

90. What is the Name of the Artificial Lake in Tripura?
Answer: Kamalasagar

Senior Officers In Administration

1Kumar AlokChief Secretary1) General Administration (Confidential & Cabinet)
2) General Administration (Personnel & Training)
3) Home (Excluding Jail & Fire Service)
4) Forest
2Sriram TaranikantiPrincipal Secretary1) Transport
2) Director General (SIPARD)
3Barun Kumar SahuPrincipal SecretaryCompulsory waiting for posting
4Laihlia DarlongPrincipal Secretary1) General Administration (AR)
2) Director Vigilance
3) General Administration (P&T)
4) Schedule Castes Welfare
5) Minorities Welfare
6) OBC Welfare
5Jitendra Kumar SinhaPrincipal Secretary1) Finance
2) Health and Family Welfare
3) General Administration (Confidential & Cabinet)
4) Principal Secretary to  Hon’ble Chief Minister
6Abhishek ChandraSpecial Secretary1) Co-operation Department
2) Chief Executive Officer, TTAADC, Khumulwng
7Saumya GuptaSecretary1) Chief Electoral Officer to the Govt. of Tripura
2) Higher Education
3) School Education
4) Rural Development (including Panchayats)
8Gitte Kirankumar DinkarraoSecretary1) Urban Development
2) Tourism
3) PWD (Including DWS)
4) Power (In addition)
5) Labour (including Employment Service & Manpower Planning)
6) Chairman (Non-Executive), TSECL (ex-officio)
9Tanusree Deb BarmaSecretary1) Industries & Commerce (Information Technology)
2) Member, Tripura Sales Tax Tribunal & VAT Tribunal
3) Revenue (including Relief & Rehabilitation and Disaster Management)
4) Tribal Welfare (including TRP & PTG)
5) Science, Technology & Environment Department
10Apurba RoySecretary1) Planning (including Statistics)
2) Finance
3) Home (Jail)
4) Home (Fire & Emergency Services)
11Chandra Kumar JamatiaSecretary1) Industries & Commerce (Handloom, Handicrafts & Sericulture)
2) Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare
12Parshant Kumar GoyalSecretary1) Secretary to Hon’ble Chief Minister
2) General Administration (Confidential & Cabinet)
3) Industries & Commerce (excluding HH & S and IT) Department
4) Information and Cultural Affairs(In addition)
13Tapas RoySecretary1) Minorities Welfare Dpt.
2) OBC Welfare Dpt.
14Satyajit SarkarSecretaryAudit (Finance Department)
15Deepa D. NairSecretary1) Education (Social Welfare & Social Education)
2) Fisheries
3) ARDD (In addition)
16Tushar Kanti Chakma
Secretary1) General Administration (Secretariat Administration)
2) General Administration (Political)
3) General Administration (Printing & Stationery)
4) Secretary to Governor, Tripura (In addition)
17Saradindu Choudhury
Secretary1) Education (YAS)
2) Home
3) Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs (In addition)
18Biswajit PalitLegal Remembrancer & SecretaryLaw & Parliamentary Affairs Department

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91. Which Fruit of Tripura is tagged as a product of Geographical Indication(GI)?
Answer: Tripura Queen Pineapple

92. From where does the Agartala Flyover Start and Ends?
Answer: Drop Gate to Fire Brigade Chowmuhani

93. Where is India’s first Cyber Forensic Lab set up?
Answer: Tripura
Explanation: It was set up on 11 August 2013 at the Tripura High Court. The purpose of the lab was to facilitate information related to court cases.

94. Where is Coconut Lake in Tripura?
Answer: Dumboor

95. Which Tree is the state Tree of Tripura?
Answer: Agar Tree

96. Who was the first Chief Minister of Tripura?
Sachindra Lal Singh

97. Which is the Longest River in Tripura?
Answer: Manu River

98. Where was Northeast’s first Kisan Call Center Setup?
Answer: Agartala
Explanation: It was Launched on 9 March 2015 by former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.

99. Who served as the Longest Chief Minister of Tripura?
Answer: Manik Sarkar (20 Years)

100. Who gave the Name for the Ujjyanta Palace Located in Agartala?
Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

Full Forms Related To Tripura

1AMBAmra Bangali
2ATPLOAll Tripura People’s Liberation Organization
3ATTFAll Tripura Tiger Force
4BNCTBorok National Council of Tripura
5CEMChief Executive Member
6CPI (M)Communist Party of India (Marxist)
7INPTIndigenous Nationalist Party of Twipra
8IPFTIndigenous People’s Front of Tripura
9IYFTIndigenous Youth Federation of Twipra
10JACCSTJoint Action Committee of Civil Societies of Tripura
11JMJanganotantrik Morcha
12JMCJoint Movement Committee
13MBDPFMizoram Bru Displaced Peoples Forum
14MDCMember of District Council
15NCTNational Conference of Tripura
16NEIDPNorth East India Development Party
17NLFTNational Liberation Front of Tripura
18NSPTNational Socialist Party of Tripura
19RSPRevolutionary Socialist Party
20TDSSMTwipra Dophani Sikla Srwngnai Motha
21TGMTripura Ganatantrik Manch
22TIPRAThe Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance
23TLFTripura Lion Force
24TLOTripura Liberation Organization
25TNATripura National Army
26TNVTripura National Volunteers
27TPCCTripura Pradesh Congress Committee
28TPDFTripura Peoples’ Democratic Front
29TPFTripura People’s Front
30TPPTripura People’s Party
31TRMPMTripura Rajya Muslim Praja Majlish
32TSECLTripura State Electricity Corporation Limited
33TSFTwipra Students’ Federation
34TSPTipraland State Party
35TTAADCTripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council
36TTCATripura Territorial Council Act
37TTYFTripura Tribal Youth Force
38TUIPCTripura United Indigenous Peoples Council
39TUJSTripura Upajati Juba Samiti
40TWFTipra Women Federation
41TYATribal Youth Association
42TYRTripura Young Rifle
43YTFYouth Tipra Federation

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101. Who was the Chief Minister of Tripura From 10 April 1993 to 11 March 1998?
Answer: Dasarath Deb

102. Which is the Largest District of Tripura?
Answer: Dhalai (2,400 km2)

103. When is Garia Puja Performed?
Answer: Chaitra

104. Which King built Neermahal?
Answer: Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya

105. Which is The First Daily Newspaper of Tripura?
Answer: Jagaran

106. Which Country is Comparable to Tripura by its size?
Answer: Lebanon

107. What is the distance between Udaipur to Agartala?
50 Km (Approx.)

108. How many numbers of teachers were terminated from their Government jobs?

109. Who is the founder of Ganamukti Parishad?
Answer: Dasarath Deb

110. How many districts of Tripura does Dhalai District share its border?
Answer: 4 (Gomati, Khowai, Unakoti, North Tripura)

General Information Of Tripura

1Tripura-Assam53 km
2Tripura-Mizoram109 km
3Tripura-Bangladesh856 km
4Altitude12.80 m
5Extreme Length183.5 km
6Extreme width112.7 km
7National Highway448 km

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111. What is the border length of Tripura with Bangladesh?
Answer: 856 km

112. Where is the Headquarters of TTAADC?
Answer: Radhapur (Khumulwng)

113. Who is the first Union Minister of Tripura?
Pratima Bhoumik (BJP: 7th July 2021)

114. Which Governor of Tripura took office on 7th July 2021?
Satyadev Narayan Arya

115. Who was the Spouse of Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Debbarman?
Kanchan Prava Devi

116. Who was the Son of Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Debbarman?
Kirit Bikram Kishore Deb Barman

117. Who was the Son of Kirit Bikram Kishore Deb Barman?
Maharaja Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barman

118. Which King of Tripura established Umakanta Academy?
Maharaja Bir Chandra Manikya

119. Who is regarded as the first female photographer of India?
Maharani Khuman Chanu Manmohini Devi

120. Who created the post of chief secretary in Tripura?
Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya

Manikya Dynasty

1Pradyot Kishore Bikram Manikya DebBarman
D.O.B: 4 Jul 1978
Titular: 2006-Present~Kirit Bikram Kishore Manikya DebBarmanBibhu Kumari Devi
2Kirit Bikram Kishore Manikya DebBarman
(Titular: 1949-2006)
Bibhu Kumari DeviBir Bikram Kishore Manikya DebBarmanKanchan Prava Devi
3Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya DebBarman
D.O.B: 19 Aug 1908
1923-1947Kanchan Prava DeviBirendra Kishore Manikya DebbarmanArundhuti Devi
4Birendra Kishore Manikya DebBarman1909-1923Arundhuti DeviRadha Kishore Manikya~
5Radha Kishore Manikya DebBarman1896-1909~Bir Chandra Manikya DebBarmanKhuman Chanu Manmohini Devi
6Bir Chandra Kishore Manikya DebBarman1862-1896Khuman Chanu Manmohini Devi~~
7Ishan Chandra Kishore Manikya DebBarman1849-1862~Krishna Kishore Manikya~


121. Who is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TTAADC?
Chandra Kumar Jamatia (IAS 2006)

122. The newly elected members of TTAADC 2021 sworn under which Governor?
Answer: Ramesh Bais

123. Who is the administrator of TTAADC?
G.K. Rao

124. Who is the P.S. to the Chief Executive Officer of TTAADC?
Ratul Debbarma

125. Who is the Health Minister of TTAADC?
Kamal Kalai

Organizational Chart of TTAADC
Organizational Chart Of TTAADC

Miniters Of TTAADC

1Purna Chandra Jamatia
(Chief Executive Member)
1) Finance
2) Law
3) General Administration
4) Forest
5) Science & Technology
6) Environment
7) All other Portfolios not allocated to any Minister
2Rajesh Tripura.
(Executive Member)
3Kamal Kalai
(Executive Member)
1) Health
2) Animal Resource Development
4Bhaba Ranjan Reang
(Executive Member)
Land Revenue
5Animesh Debbarma
(Executive Member)
1) Agriculture
2) Horticulture
3) Industry
4) Tribal Welfare
6Suhel Debbarma
(Executive Member)
1) Youth Affairs
2) Sports
7Chittaranjan Debbarma
(Executive Member)
1) Education
2) Public Works Department
8Dolly Reang
(Executive Member)
1) Social Welfare
2) Social Education Department

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126. Who is the Chairman of the TIPRA Party?
Answer: Pradyot Bikram Manikya DebBarman

127. Who is the President of the Youth Tipra Federation?
Answer: Runiel Debbarma (MDC)

128. Who is the President of the TIPRA Party?
Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl

129. When was the TIPRA Praty Founded?

130. What are some of the Slogans of the TIPRA Party?

1) Tiprasa Ayuk Lokthung
2) Swkang Dopha Ulobo Dopha
3) Puila Jati Ulobo Jati
4) Pal Hinkhe Sa

131. Who was the first MLA of Tripura who resigned from his post as the Member of Legislative Assembly?
Brishaketu Debbarma (Ex IPFT)

132. How many Zonal Development Offices (ZNOs) are in TTAADC?

133. How many Sub Zonal Development Offices (SZNOs) are in TTAADC?
37 (Thirty-Seven)

134. How many Village Councils are in TTAADC?

135. What is the term limit of the Winning Party in the TTAADC election?
5 Years

136. Who is the chairman of the Legislative Council of TTAADC?
Jagadish Debbarma

137. How many seats were won by the TIPRA Motha in the TTAADC Election 2021?
18 (Eighteen)

138. How many seats were won by the BJP in the TTAADC Election 2021?
Answer: 9 (Nine)

139. How many members are nominated by the Governor of Tripura in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council?
Answer: 2 (Two)

140. What is the total number of Seats in the TTAADC?
30 Seats

Zonal Headquarters Of TTAADC

No.Name of ZoneHeadquarter
1West Zone Khumulwng, West Tripura
2South Zone  Birchandra Manu, South Tripura
3North ZoneMachmara, North Tripura
4Dhalai ZoneManughat, Dhalai Tripura
5Gandacharra Zone Gandacharra, Dhalai Tripura

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141. Who was the independent member who won the seat in TTAADC Election?
Bhowmika Nanda Reang (Ganganagar-Gandacherra Constituency)

142. How many Constituencies of TTAADC are unreserved?
3 (Three)

143. Which are the unreserved Constituencies of TTAADC?

1) Machamara
2) Dasda-Kanchanpur
3) Manu-Chailengta

144. When was the headquarter of TTAADC shifted to Khumulwng from Agartala?
23 August 1992

145. What are the two types of Power of TTAADC under the Sixth Schedule Constitution of India?
Answer: Legislative Power & Executive Power

146. Who is the Principal Officer of TTAADC?
K. Chakraborty

147. When was the last election held in TTAADC?
6 April 2021

148. When was the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) Act passed in the Indian Parliament?

149. When did the TTAADC Act come into effect?
15 January 1982

150. What is the total area of TTAADC?
7,132.56 km2 (68 % of Tripura’s Total Area of 10,491 km2)

151. When was the first time Pecharthal RD Block was bifurcated?
28 November 1994

152. When was the second time Pecharthal RD Block was bifurcated?
1 April 1999

153. Which RD Block was created by the bifurcation of Pecharthal RD Block?
Damcherra RD Block

154. When is TTAADC Day celebrated every year?
23rd August

155. When was the 6th Schedule for TTAADC Approved by the Indian Parliament?
August 23, 1984

Rural Development Blocks In TTAADC

No.DistrictDevelopment Blocks
1West Tripura1) Lefunga
2) Hezamara
3) Jampuijala
4) Mandwi
5) Mungiakami
6) Padmabil
7) Tulashikhor
8) Bishramganj
9) Amtali
10) Gulaghati
2North Tripura1) Damcherra
2) Jampui Hill
3) Pecharthal
4) Dasda
3South Tripura1) Ompinagar
2) Killa
3) Korbuk
4) Rupaichhori
4Dhalai1) Chhawmanu
2) Manu
3) Dumburnagar
4) Salema
5) Ambassa
6) Ganganagar
7) Raisyabari

General Knowledge Questions

156. Who is the first Padma Shri Recipient from Tripura?
Rathindra Datta (1992 for Medicine)

157. Who is the Padma Shri Recipient from Tripura in 2021?
Satyaram Reang (2021 for Arts)

158. Who is the Chief Secretary of Tripura?
Alok Kumar

159. Who is the 19th Governor of Tripura?
Satyadev Narayan Arya

160. Who was the first Governor of Tripura?
B. K. Nehru (21 Jan 1972 – 22 Sep 1973)

161. In which year Tathagata Roy became the Governor of Tripura?

162. Who is the Fishery Minister of Tripura?
Mevar Kumar Jamatia (31 August 2021)

163. Who is the only Female Cabinet Minister of Tripura?
Santana Chakma

164. Who is the Transport Principal Secretary of Tripura?
Sriram Taranikanti

165. Who is the BJP MLA of Agartala Constituency?
Sudip Roy Barman

166. How many Constituencies are in Tripura for the Member of Legislative Assembly?
60 Constituencies

167. How many MLAs were from IPFT when the 2018 Government was formed?
8 MLAs

168. How many MLAs were from CPI (M) when the 2018 Government was formed?
16 MLAs

169. How many MLAs were from BJP when the 2018 Government was formed?
36 MLAs

170. Which Padma Award is the only award received by the Citizens of Tripura?
Padma Shri Award

171. When was the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport built?

172. What is the IATA of Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport?

173. The Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport is the second-largest Airport in NorthEast India, which is the first one?
Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Airport (Guwahati)

174. What is the budget of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to upgrade the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport to an International Airport to provide world-class facilities?
₹438 crores (US$61 million)

175. Who is appointed as the new Lokayukta of Tripura?
Kalyan Narayan Bhattacharjee

176. For how many years is the new Lokayukta of Tripura Veteran advocate Kalyan Narayan Bhattacharjee appointed?
Answer: 3 Years

177. When was the oath-taking ceremony of the new Lokayukta of Tripura held in 2021?
Answer: 11 August

178. When is the birth anniversary of Bir Bikram Kishore Debbarman?
19th August

179. Where is the Party Office of Bharatiya Janata Party in Agartala?
Krishna Nagar, Advisor Chowmuhani

180. Where was the new Governor House of Tripura built?
New Capital Complex, Kunjaban

181. What is the other name of Gol Bazar?
Maharajganj Bazar

182. When was the first Territorial Council of Tripura formed?
15 August 1957

183. How many members were nominated by the Government of India when the first Territorial Council of Tripura was formed?
2 Members (30 Elected Members)

184. When was the Agartala Railway Station opened for the public?

185. What is the Station Code for Agartala Railway Station?

186. What is the approximate distance between Agartala Railway Station to the last station of Tripura before entering Assam?
Answer: 153 Km

187. When was the Railway Track of Tripura converted to a Broad Gauge from Meter-Gauge?

188. What does the architecture of the Agartala Railway Station resemble?
Ujjayanta Palace

189. How much money did the Northeast Frontier Railway (NRF) spend to connect Agartala by rail?
Answer: ₹900 crores ($190 million)

190. How many tunnels are there between Agartala Railway Station and the last station of Tripura?
Three Tunnels (Longtharai Valley, Baramura, and Atharamura Hills)

191. What is the length of the Longtrai Tunnel of Tripura?
1,962 metre (6,437 ft)

192. Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel in eastern India?
Longtharai Tunnel

193. Which Railway Minister of India inaugurated the Agartala–New Delhi ‘Tripura Sundari Express’?
Suresh Prabhu

194. When was the Agartala–New Delhi ‘Tripura Sundari Express’ inaugurated?
31 July 2016

195. How many ST seats are in the Legislative Assembly?
20 Seats

196. How many SC seats are in the Legislative Assembly?
10 Seats

197. Who is the youngest TPS Officer of Tripura?
Lima Debbarma (Cracked Exam at the age of 24 Years)

198. When will be the Tour Train from Agartala to Goa be operated?
30 September 2021

199. How much amount was announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for the development projects for Tribal Areas in Tripura?
1300 Crores (27 August 2021)

200. Under which project FM Nirmala Sitharaman announced the development of Tribal Areas in Tripura?
Answer: EAP (Externally Aided Project)

Member Of Legislative Assembly

Constituency No.Name Of The MLAConstituencyParty
1Brishaketu Debbarma
Simna (ST)IPFT
2Ratan Lal NathMohanpurBJP
3Krishnadhan DasBamutia (SC)BJP
4Dilip Kumar DasBarjala (SC)BJP
5Ratan ChakrabortyKhayerpurBJP
6Sudip Roy BarmanAgartalaBJP
7Surajit DattaRamnagarBJP
8Asish Kumar SahaTown BardowaliBJP
9Biplab Kumar DebBanamalipurBJP
10Sushanta ChowdhuryMajlishpurBJP
11Dhirendra DebbarmaMandai Bazar (ST)IPFT
12Narendra Chandra DebbarmaTakarjala (ST)IPFT
13Rebati Mohan DasPratapgarh (SC)BJP
14Mimi MajumderBadharghat (SC)BJP
15Narayan Chandra ChoudhuriKamalasagarCPI (M)
16Bhanu Lal SahaBishalgarhCPI (M)
17Birendra Kishore DebbarmaGolaghati (ST)BJP
18Ram Prasad PaulSuryamaninagarBJP
19Jishnu Dev VarmaCharilam (ST)BJP
20Sahid ChoudhuriBoxanagarCPI (M)
21Subhash Chandra DasNalchar (SC)BJP
22Shyamal ChakrabortySonamuraCPI (M))
23Manik SarkarDhanpurCPI (M)
24Prasanta DebbarmaRamchandraghat (ST)IPFT
25Nirmal BiswasKhowaiCPI (M)
26Mevar Kr JamatiaAsharambari (ST)IPFT
27Pinaki Das ChowdhuryKalyanpur-PramodnagarBJP
28Kalyani RoyTeliamuraBJP
29Atul DebbarmaKrishnapur (ST)BJP
30Ram Pada JamatiaBagma (ST)BJP
31Pranajit Singha RoyRadhakishorpurBJP
32Biplab Kumar GhoshMatarbariBJP
33Ratan Kumar BhowmikKakraban-Shalgara (SC)CPI (M)
34Sudhan DasRajnagar (SC)CPI (M)
35Arun Chandra BhaumikBeloniaBJP
36Pramod ReangSantirbazar (ST)BJP
37Badal ChoudhuryHrishyamukhCPI (M)
38Jashabir TripuraJolaibari (ST)CPI (M)
39Prabhat ChoudhuryManu (ST)CPI (M)
40Sankar RoySabroomBJP
41Sindhu Chandra JamatiaAmpinagar (ST)IPFT
42Ranjit DasAmarpurBJP
43Burba Mohan TripuraKarbook (ST)BJP
44Dhananjoy TripuraRaima Valley (ST)IPFT
45Manoj Kanti DebKamalpurBJP
46Ashis DasSurma (SC)BJP
47Parimal DebbarmaAmbassa (ST)BJP
48Dibachandra HrangkhawlKaramchara (ST)BJP
49Sambhu Lal ChakmaChawmanu (ST)BJP
50Bhagaban DasPabiachara (SC)BJP
51Sudhangshu DasFatikroy (SC)BJP
52Tapan ChakrabortyChandipurCPI (M)
53Moboshar AliKailashaharCPI (M)
54Islam UddinKadamtala-KurtiCPI (M)
55Bijita NathBagbassaCPI (M)
56Biswabandhu SenDharmanagarBJP
57Ramendra Chandra DebnathJubarajnagarCPI (M)
58Binay Bhushan DasPanisagarBJP
59Santana ChakmaPecharthal (ST)BJP
60Prem Kumar ReangKanchanpur (ST)IPFT

201. What is the mother’s name of Maharaja Pradyot Kishore Manikya?
Bibhu Kumari Devi

202. When did the new Cabinet Ministers of Tripura swear in as the new Cabinet Ministers after the 2018 election?
Answer: 31 August 2021

203. How many new Cabinet Ministers were elected on 31st August 2021?
3 Ministers

204. Who are the new Cabinet Ministers of Tripura?

1) Ram Prasad Paul
2) Bhagaban Das
3) Sushanta Chowdhury

205. After the reshuffling of new Cabinet Ministers, who is the minister of Fisheries?
Mevar Kumar Jamatia

206. Who is the new Forest Minister of Tripura?
Narendra Chandra Debbarma

207. Which Portfolio does the newly elected Cabinet Minister Mr. Ram Prasad Paul holds?
1) Home (Jail, Fire, & Emergency Service)
2) Welfare of Other Backward Classes
3) Welfare of Minorities
4) Cooperation

208. Which Portfolio does the newly elected Cabinet Minister Mr. Bhagaban Chandra Das holds?
Answer: 1) Welfare of Schedule Castes
2) Animal Resources Development
3) Labour

209. Which Portfolio does the newly elected Cabinet Minister Mr. Sushanta Chowdhury holds?
1) Information & Cultural Affairs
2) Youth Affairs & Sports
3) PWD (DWS)

210. Who is the Mister of Tourism of Tripura?
Pranajit Singha Roy

211. The new Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports is Sushanta Chowdhury, who held the post before him?
Manoj Kanti Deb

212. Which Indian Foreign Service batch does Mr. Thanglura Darlong belongs to?

213. Which post was newly created in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council?
Deputy Chief Executive Member

214. Who is the newly elected Deputy Chief Executive Member of TTAADC?
Animesh Debbarma

215. When was the period of the first Tripura Legislative Assembly?
1 July 1963 to 12 January 1967

216. What is the other name of the Tripura Legislative assembly?
Tripura Vidhan Sabha

217. Who was the speaker of the 1st Tripura Legislative Assembly?
Upendra Kumar Roy

218. Who were the leaders of the opposition to the 1st Legislative Assembly of Tripura?
Aghore Deb Barma and Nripendra Chakraborty

219. Who was the speaker of the 2nd Tripura Legislative Assembly?
Answer: Manindra Lal Bhowmik

220. Who was the leader of the opposition to the 2nd Legislative Assembly of Tripura?
Bidya Chandra Deb Barma

221. Who was the Leader of the house of both the 1st and 2nd Legislative Assembly of Tripura?
Answer: Sachindra Lal Singh

222. When was the first Lok Sabha Election held in Tripura?

223. When was “Ganamukti Parishad” founded?

224. What does Ganamukti Parishad mean in engish?
Tripura State Indigenous People’s Liberation Council

225. Who represented the Tripura East Lok Sabha Constituency in the first General Elections in 1952?
Answer: Dasarath Deb

226. Who has been elected to the Lok Sabha in 2019 from Tripura East as a National Democratic Alliance candidate?
Answer: Rebati Tripura

227. For how many terms was Dasarath Deb, a Member of the Parliament (MP)?
4 Terms (1952-1957, 1957-1962, 1962-1967, 1971-1977)

228. When did Maharaja Kirit Bikram Kishore DebBarman become a Member of the Parliament (MP)?
Answer: 1967

229. Who is the longest-serving Member of the Parliament (MP) from Tripura?
Baju Ban Riyan (1980, 1984, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009)

230. Who was the opponent of Rebati Tripura in the 2019 Indian General Election from the Indian National Congress?
Maharaj Kumari Pragya DebBarman

Members Of Parliament From Tripura

1952Dasarath DebCommunist Party of India
1957Dasarath DebCommunist Party of India
1962Dasarath DebCommunist Party of India
1967Kirit Bikram Kishore DebBarmanIndian National Congress
1971Dasarath DebCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
1977Kirit Bikram Kishore DebBarmanIndian National Congress
1980Baju Ban RiyanCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
1984Baju Ban RiyanCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
1989Kirit Bikram Kishore DebBarmanIndian National Congress
1991Bibhu Kumari DeviIndian National Congress
1996Baju Ban RiyanCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
1998Baju Ban RiyanCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
1999Baju Ban RiyanCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
2004Baju Ban RiyanCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
2009Baju Ban RiyanCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
2014Jitendra ChoudhuryCommunist Party of India (Marxist)
2019Rebati TripuraBharatiya Janata Party

231. How many General Elections did the Communist Party of India (Marxist) win in Tripura?
Answer: 9 Elections (3 by Communist Party of India)

232. How many General Elections did the Indian National Congress win in Tripura?
4 Elections (1967, 1977, 1989, 1991)

233. How many members were nominated by the Governor of Tripura for the post of Members of the District Council (MDC) of TTAADC?
Answer: Two

234. Who were the two nominated members for the post of Members of the District Council (MDC) of TTAADC by the Governor of Tripura?
Answer: Bidyut Debbarma and Shibsen Kaipeng

235. How much amount was sanctioned by the Ministry of Civil Aviation for the Infrastructure Upgradation of the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport on 10th September 2021?
Answer: 490 Crores (With the new investment upgrade, MBB Airport will have a throughput capacity of 1200 passengers per hour)

236. Which Minister of Civil Aviation announced the Infrastructure Upgradation of the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport on 10th September 2021?
Answer: Jyotiraditya Scindia

237. Who was elected as the new President of the Tripura Assembly (2021)?
Mr. Ratan Chakraborty

238. Who was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TTAADC before Chandra Kumar Jamatia?
Abhishek Chandra

239. Which retired IAS was re-employed as the Chief Executive Officer of TTAADC before Abhishek Chandra?
Balin Debbarma

240. What is the helpline number started by Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb as a direct medium between citizens and CM’s Office?
1905 (Started on 6 September 2021)

241. Who is the present Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (2021)?
Pranajit Singha Roy

242. Who is the Chairman of Agartala Smart City Limited?
Gitte Kirankumar Dinkarrao

243. Who launched the Agartala Smart City Project?
M. Venkaiah Naidu (Vice President of India) on 6th October 2021

244. What is the budget for the Agartala Smart City Project launched by the Vice President of India?
: ₹444 Crores

245. Who inaugurated the Oxygen Park of Salbagan?
Bipab Kumar Deb (CM)

246. Who was the first Chief Justice of Tripura High Court?
Deepak Gupta (23 March 2013 – 15 May 2016)

247. Who is the present Chief Justice of Tripura High Court?
Indrajit Mahanty

248. When did Indrajit Mahanty swear in as the new Chief Justice of Tripura High Court?
12 October 2021

249. From 2013 till date, How many Chief Justice was elected for the Tripura High Court?

250. Earlier Tripura along with the other six states of the NorthEast of India was under which High Court?
Gauhati High Court

251. When was the Permanent Bench of the Gauhati High Court established in Agartala?

252. What is the Judge term length of the Judges of the High Courts in India?
Mandatory retirement by age of 62

253. Who is the Minister of Power in Tripura?
Jishnu Dev Varma

254. What portfolio does Smt. Pratima Bhoumik holds in the Second Modi Ministry?
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Tripura Emergency Helpline

No.Service DeskHelpline
2Fire Service 101
4Child Helpline1098
5Women Helpline1091
6Disaster Management1077
7Voter’s Helpline1950
8Kisan Call Center1551
9Emergency Response
Support System
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